Key week to know the future of non-professional football

first_imgThe CSD note“a] The determination of whether or not non-professional regular leagues have been terminated should be resumed.b] In the event of resumption of the regular non-professional leagues, the determination of the time and format in which it is appropriate to carry out.c] In the case of non-resumption, or despite resumption and its conclusion not being possible, the determination of the qualifying order and, especially, the establishment of winners.d] In the case of not resuming, or despite resuming and not being possible the normal conclusion, the determination of the promotion and / or decrease regime for the following season.e] The determination of other questions that are related to the aspects pointed out in the previous sections, and in general on any other aspects that in the sports-competition field affect the regular leagues in the event of possible incidents or assumptions derived from the situation generated by the COVID-19 crisis ”.Round trip with the Second B ProThe circumstances and the deep economic crisis that is coming has led some clubs to demand a change, with the creation of the so-called Second B Pro. The bases of the new model speak of two groups of twenty teams, made up of the top ten of each one of those who now make up the Second B. Thus, the category would go one step further towards professionalization and would attract sponsors and television contracts.Another reason why the implementation of the new Second B is demanded now is that the fact that there are no decreases causes the upgrade to at least 98 teams. The signatory clubs explain that the competition would lose level and that not everyone could have the necessary budget injection to face the change from Third to the silver category. Although the possibility of remodeling has been valued for years, doing it now would mean a change of rules in the middle of the game. After weeks of uncertainty, different possibilities, various communications and meetings, It is expected that, in the coming days, the Royal Spanish Football Federation will officially pronounce on the resolution of non-professional football. At the moment, there is only the certainty that there will be no declines and yes promotions and it seems that the remodeling proposal signed by about 30 clubs in the category will be studied but for the 2021-22 season and not for the next.This very morning The Higher Sports Council has issued a resolution in which it gives freedom to the different federations to establish the format and terms of conclusion of all non-professional competitions. In other words, the RFEF already has the first approval and that it needed. Definitely, Second Division B and Third return method will be borne by the body chaired by Luis Rubiales.In this way, the Federation already has the power to issue the resolution, always in agreement and taking into account the vision of the Territories. However, throughout this week it is expected that there will be a meeting between Health and RFEF to establish a kind of protocol that allows setting the possibilities. Unlike professional football, modest clubs do not have the ability to mass test their footballers and, therefore, there would be no fully guaranteed security.This is why the RFEF already proposed weeks ago to end the regular season and play the Playoff to set the promotions. Today, the picture is somewhat different. There are many voices that advocate the direct promotion of the first classified of each of the groups. This would be the case if the safety of the protagonists on the lawn cannot be ensured. Even so, the idea of ​​playing qualifying rounds for the four places at LaLiga SmartBank is still in the foreground, with different perspectives: bringing everyone together in a neutral zone, fighting in each other’s stadiums …last_img

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