Split Respect & Enjoy: 10 golden rules that tourists need to know about Split

first_img7. I mentioned a football club whose features you will find in many public areas. They are not touched because Hajduk is sacred. Full stop. Dear guests,  2. I reminded our dear guests of the pistol last year, so I don’t want you to miss it either. What is a siesta to us Spaniards is a pistol, an afternoon break from 14 to 17 p.m. The sun is too strong, the temperatures are high and it’s time to rest and grab strength for an evening out. Tourists want quality facilities and quality service (not to go through the prism a bit, they wait for coffee for half an hour), with quality infrastructure. That is the basis of tourism. Yes, they have to respect the destination, but do we respect it ourselves? Let’s start with ourselves. Also, it is easy to punish tourists, which is education, communication, signaling… so first prevention, and only then punishment. After all, all these years we have taught them ourselves (or allowed any behavior) patterns of how to behave in the destination, and now it takes time to change that. So that when you return to your homes, you can talk about Split as an experience that needs to be repeated, I will help you with 10 golden rules in navigating the Split mentality and Split sights: 3. With a little bit of a pistol, a fijak is added. It is with great pleasure that people here interpret it as “a state of consciousness with a great will for nothing.” As the sun sets, the fiasco subsides and the energy awakens. “I accompanied my message to our guests this year with clear posters about what we really shouldn’t do in the city. There is a lot that we should not do either, by adhering to the Communal Order and other city decisions, we would certainly contribute much more to the preservation of our heritage. Here is this year’s message: 6. The fan spirit of Split is inversely proportional to the state described through the terms a bit and fjaka. The people of Split are extraordinary fans, the atmosphere is always in every sport as if they were playing for all or nothing. Of course, the most attractive is cheering at Hajduk football matches, but don’t miss a single sporting event. Become a part of Split. 9. Like all Mediterranean people we are loud, but we do not like noise during holidays. Especially at night and especially under our window. You are on vacation and want to have fun, but do not do it by playing too loud music in the apartment because the people around you need a break so that you and other guests can be at your service the next day. 4. Spend a hot day at the beach. With the clear sea in the center, hardly any big city can boast. Can you remember in the heart of which big city you swam in the sea last time? 8. Split has other shrines: the Cathedral of St. Duje, Marjan, Diocletian’s Palace. We are restoring them and we want to preserve them for future generations of Split citizens and their guests. Help us with your approach and support us in that intention. Let’s preserve our, and in fact world, heritage together. This year marks 40 years since Diocletian’s Palace with its historic city center was included in the UNESCO Register. The mayor of the city of Split, Andro Krstulović Opara, last week on his own Facebook profile published a message to tourists with 10 golden rules in navigating the Split mentality and Split sights. Disconnect from everyday life, take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the magical world that this ancient city has to offer. Relax and let the spirit of Split take you because only then will you experience an unforgettable experience of an open Mediterranean city.  10. We wear bathing suits on the beach, and the usual clothes for this time of year everywhere. We are not pretentious, but for walking around the city without clothes or a piece of clothing or only in a bathing suit, you will pay a fine of 500 kuna immediately or a thousand after the misdemeanor proceedings. Why would you give up a dozen pizzas or 20 beers when you have about thirty kilometers of beaches in Split where you can show off your figure? Maybe it’s best not to go into detail with this story and just say – No comment…center_img 1. “A little” is a word you will often hear. This is a city where no one is in a hurry, so there is no need or reason to get upset if it is not right now. A little bit, it will be, and when it is it will be great. After all, you’re on annual leave. We are transmitting the message in its entirety: Source: FB It would have been better if, through his address to tourists, he explained what to do in Split for seven days and what I can experience and where I can spend my money, on which we depend so much. Tourism staff will do their best to give you a good rest and bring back fond memories. The people of Split are extraordinary hosts, they will give you their soul and take your heart, the only thing they are looking for is respect for the way of life and our heritage, heritage and customs. I conclude with a short formula for a great holiday, fun and experience: enjoy and respect. It will be great for us. “ Welcome dear guests, But the issue of parking, strategic development, quality content, infrastructure, the problem of sewage entering the sea on the main waterfront, etc.… not a word. We must first begin to respect ourselves, in order for others to respect us as well. And that’s where we fall the most. Yes, tourists need to largely adapt to our culture and way of life, that’s why they travel, but for fijaku and a little there is not much space in tourism. Not least when we’re talking about poor service and content. Yes, tourists want to experience the atmosphere from Poljud, but not to eventually get hurt or to interrupt matches due to our problems, without going into the reasons or justification of the same. They want the positive, not the negative. Bad Humor or? 5. Picigin is played all year round, only in Split and only on one beach. In Bačvice. We even have the Picigin World Cup. To not later regret what you missed, put a towel under your arm, put on your slippers, go to Bačvice, find your square of sand from which you will watch the tireless players persevere so that they do not fall into the sea when passing the ball. If you are squeamish and prone to acrobatics, try picigin too. In the end, the Split Respect & Enjoy project should certainly be commended, but not this way. This is a very bad attempt to copy Dubrovnik, at least I personally associate it with that story, which in a much more serious and concrete way through the Respect the City project, is trying to face the challenges of excessive tourism. An attempt at bad humor or how to define it? How to move forward when the main helmsman of the city of Split communicates in such a frivolous and funny way? In fact, he obviously finds it very sympathetic. RELATED NEWS: RESTAURANTS AND BARS IN SPLIT WILL BE OPEN UNTIL MIDNIGHT, AND ON WEEKENDS UNTIL 02.00:XNUMX AMlast_img

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