Nova Istra Inspirit tells the story in the Municipality of Pićan: Roads live

first_imgAccording to Ivor Zidarić, president of the Val kultura Association, further development of the interactive tour The paths of living squirrels has great potential precisely in cooperation with IRTA doo, within which the Istra Inspirit project is being implemented, which has the possibility of networking stakeholders at the destination in cooperation with project partners. Considering the previous experiences of Istra Inspirit, which began to revive the stories, myths and legends of central Istria and whose performances in Pazin Castle were the motive for the arrival of a large number of domestic and foreign visitors, choosing it to interpret the legends of central Istria proved to be very good. and a clever train. In Pazin Castle, the cooperation of project partners in designing an interactive tour called Paths of Living Strigaria was presented, during which the legends of central Istria are staged, all as part of the integrated cross-border cultural and tourist project “Živa coprnija – Živa štrigarija”, Interreg Slovenia Croatia 2014-2020 .  The interactive tour is designed to start in Pazin, in front of Kaštela, where the performers of Istra Inspirit stage a legend in the creation of the Pazin Cave and the giant Banu Dragonja. Visitors of the tour also have the opportunity to get acquainted with the legend of ostriches and Krsnik in Katun Lindarski, where they can try the famous Pazin candies with a glass of Malvasia and other Istrian delicacies prepared for their guests by the Šajina family from Ograda agritourism. This is followed by a trip to Žminj where the legend of the Orcs and the Moors is performed.  The tour can also include the road to the Sopot waterfall, which is associated with the story of the villas that built the Arena and the mischievous Macmalići, and an unavoidable part is the staging of the legend of St. Nicephorus and the dancers in Pićan. A multi-hour interactive tour with elements of fun and education ends in Gračišće, in front of the Church of the Mother of God on the Square. center_img “Impressions after the first interactive tour were very positive, which shows that in the field there is a need to create such products that revive the intangible heritage that becomes tangible and “alive” through the interpretation of experts in the manner of storytelling. The importance of developing such a tourist product that unites stakeholders in the destination, creating a new motive for arrival, is to the mutual benefit of all involved, said Slavica Tobok Kandic, director of the Istrian Development Tourism Agency – IRTA doo and added: More information about the project “Živa coprnija – Živa štrigarija” can be found on the official website website.last_img

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