Nane Annan says men and women must join forces in fight against

Addressing a luncheon in New York held to mark International Women’s Day – traditionally observed on 8 March – she pointed out that women now make up more than half of all people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide – a figure which rises to two-thirds among women aged 15 to 24 worldwide. In some countries in sub-Saharan Africa, girls of that age “may be five to six times more likely than boys of the same age to be infected,” she noted.She hailed the support of men, noting that the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS formed last month includes the participation of people of both sexes in the shared struggle to stop the disease from spreading.Illustrating this point, she recalled an encounter in Chile with a social worker helping abused women. “When I asked those I met there what message they would like to send to the UN for the observance of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in November he said: ‘Make sure that men join hands with you,'” she said, adding, “His words still reverberate.”She also drew on personal experience to highlight the crucial role being played by young men as well as young women in the fight against AIDS. “From Pakistan to Bolivia, from Sarajevo to Mozambique, Ethiopia and Cameroon, I have met young people seriously engaged in peer education about the dangers of AIDS,” she said. “They have been passionate, caring, sometimes bold and direct, and you could see that these were not ‘nerds’, but ‘cool’ young people to whom others will listen.”The event was hosted by the United States Committee for the UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM). Mrs. Annan hailed the group, telling participants that “By supporting UNIFEM, you are supporting women all around the world, not just on International Women’s Day, but every day of the year.” read more

Toronto stock market closes little changed Royal Bank posts strong earnings

Toronto stock market closes little changed, Royal Bank posts strong earnings TMX Broadcast Centre is pictured in Toronto on May 16, 2011. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn by Malcolm Morrison, The Canadian Press Posted Feb 26, 2014 2:35 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TORONTO – The Toronto stock market closed little changed Wednesday amid positive earnings reports from Royal Bank (TSX:RY) and a couple of big retailers.The S&P/TSX composite index had been higher for most of the session but closed down 0.4 of a point at 14,188.58 amid losses in gold and energy stocks. The Canadian dollar dropped 0.34 of a cent to 89.86 cents US.U.S. indexes registered minor gains after sales of new homes in the United States rebounded in January to the fastest pace in more than five yearsThe Dow Jones industrial average climbed 18.75 points to 16,198.41 after the Commerce Department said sales of new homes increased 9.6 per cent in January to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 468,000.It came as a surprise to economists, who had been forecasting a sales drop in January of around four per cent, in part because of a belief that activity would be held back by winter storms in many parts of the country.The Nasdaq was up 4.47 points to 4,292.06 while the S&P 500 index added 0.04 a point to 1,845.16.Royal Bank’s (TSX:RY) quarterly net income was up two per cent from a year ago to $2.09 billion or $1.38 a share. Ex-items, RBC earned $1.47 a share, which was above estimates. The bank also announced its quarterly dividend will increase by six per cent to 71 cents per common share. Its shares slipped 61 cents to $72.09 but RBC stock had already charged ahead 5.5 per cent this month.“They’re very well run and they’re the envy of the world but with that dominant position comes some fairly full valuations,” observed Stephen Lingard, managing director at Franklin Templeton Solutions.Bank of Montreal (TSX:BMO) and National Bank (TSX:NA) also issued earnings reports this week that beat expectations.The earnings news was mixed in the retailing segment as Sears Canada Inc. (TSX:SCC) had a $373.7-million net profit in its fiscal fourth quarter, up from $39.9 million a year earlier. But the showing was largely due to gains from unusual items, including early lease terminations for some large stores that are closing. Its shares rose 32 cents to $13.62.Target Corp. (NYSE:TGT) says a massive data breach over the holidays helped push its quarterly profit down 46 per cent to $520 million or 81 cents a share, beating estimates by a penny. Revenue fell to $21.5 billion from $22.7 billion, meeting expectations, and its shares ran ahead $3.98 or 7.04 per cent to $60.49 in New York.On the TSX, tech stocks led advancers with Davis + Henderson (TSX:DH) ahead $1.65 to $30.70. But BlackBerry (TSX:BB) fell 25 cents to $11.48.BlackBerry stock had surged about 18 per cent since Feb. 17 on rising investor confidence and ran up sharply earlier this week after CEO John Chen unveiled two smartphones at the Mobile World Congress trade fair in Barcelona.The base metals group was up almost one per cent with March copper off a cent at US$3.24 a pound.The gold sector dropped about one per cent as April bullion fell $14.70 to US$1,328 an ounce.The energy sector was down 0.34 per cent with the April crude contract in New York up 76 cents to US$102.59 a barrel. read more

Transat reduces net loss to 79 million on revenues of 11 billion

MONTREAL – Package tour comany Transat A.T. Inc. (TSX:TRZ.A) reduced its net loss to $7.9 million for the second quarter from $22.8 million in the year-ago period as revenues rose one per cent to $1.1 billion.The parent company of airline Transat said Thursday the results for the quarter and the winter are slightly better than it expected, despite a sudden drop in value of the Canadian dollar that led to a significant increase in operating expenses.Those were up by $22 million.The loss amounted to 20 cents per share for the quarter ended April 30, compared with 59 cents per share in the same quarter last year.Transat says its adjusted operating loss came to $4 million, compared with an adjusted operating profit of $2.7 million in 2013, and was attributable “entirely” to the decline in value of the Canadian dollar against the U.S. dollar.“It was a peculiar winter,” chief executive Jean-Marc Eustache said in a news release.“In December, margins were higher year-over-year and we were heading toward a performance improvement. The sudden drop in value of the Canadian dollar provoked a significant increase in operating expenses that reversed the situation, as it came early in the season, when the market resists increases in selling prices.”During the quarter, Transat reduced capacity on its sun-destination routes by 3.5 per cent, which contributed to a 5.3 per cent overall decrease in the number of travellers.Average selling prices were up, and the euro and pound traded higher against the Canadian dollar.Transat says the combined effect of increased selling prices and cost controls weren’t enough to offset the effect of those increased expenses. by The Canadian Press Posted Jun 12, 2014 6:28 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Transat reduces net loss to $7.9 million on revenues of $1.1 billion read more

Environmentalists say too many water bottles end up in Ontario landfills

by Keith Leslie, The Canadian Press Posted Oct 14, 2016 11:26 am MDT Last Updated Oct 14, 2016 at 3:00 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Environmentalists say too many water bottles end up in Ontario landfills TORONTO – Ontario is being urged to consider the environmental impact of plastic bottles as it updates the provincial policy on water taking permits for bottled water companies.Environmentalists who worry that bottling companies like Nestle can take millions of litres a day from Ontario wells when communities need it for their drinking water are also concerned about where millions of empty plastic water bottles end up.Nestle estimates about 70-75 per cent of the water bottles are recycled in Ontario.Stewardship Ontario, the non-profit organization that runs the province’s Blue Box program, couldn’t say exactly how many water bottles end up in landfills, but estimated 66 per cent of plastic beverage containers used in homes get recycled.“Stewardship Ontario’s program pertains only to residential waste stream and therefore our data does not capture the entirety of plastic beverage containers…recycled through other collection systems such as businesses, hospitals, etc., or the amount that finds its way to landfill,” said spokeswoman Karen Ramlall.However, the Ottawa-based Polaris Institute, a non-profit organization that “challenges the influence of corporations on government and public policy,” estimates only 14 per cent of plastic water bottles get recycled in Ontario.Polaris warns that many plastic bottles end up in landfills, “or worse, as litter in forests, lakes and oceans,” and says it takes roughly the equivalent of one-quarter of a bottle of oil to produce and transport each bottle of water to stores.The group Environmental Defence said up to one billion plastic bottles do not get recycled in Ontario each year, and called for a deposit system similar to beer and wine bottles to boost recycling rates.“Canadian provinces and territories with deposit return programs recycle 72 to 95 per cent of their plastic bottles,” said spokeswoman Jennifer Mayville.The Council of Canadians, a non-profit social action organization, said bottled water is almost 2,000 times more energy intensive to produce than tap water, and questioned the industry’s recycling claims.“While reports on how many of these get recycled vary — many plastic bottles end up in our forests, parks, rivers and lakes and many end up in landfills where they take hundreds of years to break down,” said council chair Maude Barlow.In her new book “Boiling Point,” which is about what Barlow calls Canada’s “water crisis,” she points out that Canadians buy about 2.4 billion litres of bottled water a year, about 68 litres per person.“The waste footprint of this industry is huge,” she said. “I would like to see the government of Ontario ban bottled water operations altogether and kick Nestle out.”The U.S. Container Recycling Institute estimates about 30 million plastic water bottles are thrown away, and not put into recycling containers, every day.Alex and Tyler Mifflin, stars of The Water Brothers, an eco-adventure TV series, said the bottled water industry creates far too much waste, and encouraged people to carry reusable containers that they can refill from their taps.“It would be more convenient to have your own reusable bottle and bring it with you for the day,” Tyler said in an interview. “The convenience factor is not really an excuse any more.”Some Ontario municipalities, including Toronto, and some school boards have implemented a ban on bottled water sales in their facilities.The province passed new legislation last summer that will divert more waste from landfills, by encouraging “innovation in recycling processes” and require producers to take full responsibility for their products and packaging.Premier Kathleen Wynne said recently that Ontario will treat bottled water companies differently than other commercial water takers under new rules coming this fall.—Follow @CPnewsboy on Twitter read more

Security Council condemns violent attacks against diplomatic premises

“The members of the Security Council expressed their deep concern at these attacks recalling that the very nature of diplomatic premises is peaceful and that diplomats have among their core functions the promotion of better understanding across countries and cultures,” the 15-member body said in a statement issued to the press.“The members of the Security Council reaffirmed that such acts are unjustifiable regardless of their motivations, whenever and by whomsoever committed.”At least seven people have reportedly been killed amid violent protests that have taken place outside the diplomatic premises of several Western countries across the Middle East in response to a film made in the United States seen as insulting to Islam.The Council called on all authorities to protect diplomatic and consular property and personnel, and to respect fully their international obligations in this regard.The President of the General Assembly, Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, also deplored the recent acts of violence against diplomatic missions in the Middle East and elsewhere.He reiterated his call for refraining from “irresponsible acts of insult against religions and religious symbols,” said a statement issued by his spokesperson.He called for an end to all acts of incitement to hatred and discrimination based on faith, race or cultural differences, and for all parties to exercise restraint and calm and abide by international legal obligations. read more

NFL Coaches Are Going For Two More Than Ever It Took Them

Perhaps this is partly a knee-jerk reaction to the special-teams carnage on display in Week 2, when NFL kickers missed 19 total kicks between field goals and extra points. (Although it should be noted that, on the whole, kickers have made 95.3 percent of their extra-point tries this season, which is right in line with the past couple years — and an improvement over their 94.4 percent mark from 2015, the first year at the new distance.)But maybe a better explanation is the fact that two-point conversions are working really, really well so far this year. When teams go for two, they’ve gotten into the end zone 63.2 percent of the time, which easily tops the success rates from any other season since 2006.2The first season of ESPN’s detailed play-by-play data. Remember that if the baseline accuracy rate for a regular extra-point is roughly 95 percent, a two-point conversion needs to succeed only 47.5 percent of the time to break even. So at 63 percent, the decision to go for two practically becomes a no-brainer!Of course, sustaining that 63 percent conversion rate will be pretty much impossible going forward. Prior to 2018, the league hadn’t even cracked 50 percent in any season since 2012. But the way in which teams are finding the end zone on conversions might offer some path toward sustainability. Two-point passes are being converted at a rate of 56 percent, up from their post-2005 average of 45 percent. And an even bigger leap has happened on runs, albeit in a small sample of 11 plays: 82 percent of two-point rushing attempts have found paydirt this year, way up from the historical average of 54 percent.Statheads have been saying for years that running in short-yardage situations is more effective than passing, and teams across the league have been proving that decisively this season, whether lined up on the 2-yard line after a touchdown or just in the course of regular play. In what Football Outsiders defines as “power” situations — third or fourth down, with 2 or fewer yards to go — runners are picking up the first down (or touchdown) 75 percent of the time this year, 6 percentage points more than their previous high going back to 2006. And although they haven’t figured into many two-point conversions yet in 2018,3Dallas’s Dak Prescott is the only QB to try a two-point run this year. quarterbacks are driving much of that short-yardage success, picking up the first down more than 96 percent of the time when rushing in power situations this season. (Some teams, like the Saints with Taysom Hill, are employing certain QBs as rushing specialists, which could add intrigue to conversion tries down the line.)Throw in gadget plays like Cleveland’s co-opted “Philly Special” during the Browns’ Week 3 win over the Jets, and teams may be only scratching the surface of their potential on two-point conversions early this season. After a few years of tinkering under the new rules — and perhaps a newfound willingness to accept perceived risks, following the influence of aggressive play-callers such as the Eagles’ Doug Pederson — coaches are finally starting to see the benefits that a second point after a TD can bring. Who knows? Maybe it won’t be long before we have to retrain ourselves to count in increments of eight, not seven, while doing the mental math of football.Check out our latest NFL predictions. It may be long overdue, but it appears that the NFL has finally learned to stop worrying and love the two-point conversion. Or at least that’s the leaguewide trend through four weeks in 2018.Three full seasons have passed since the league moved its extra-point distance to the 15-yard-line, making kickers boot the ball 33 yards for a PAT instead of the old, nearly automatic 20-yard distance. But head coaches seem to be embracing the trade-off between kicking and going for two more than ever this season. After they eschewed the extra point 14 times on Sunday, coaches have now gone for it after 11.8 percent of their touchdowns so far,1Through Sunday’s games. which (according to is the highest rate for the first four weeks of any NFL season since the 1970 AFL merger.That continues a trend that has been generally building since that 2015 rule change, and it reverses a slight downturn from 2017: read more

Utilisation multiusages doutils chez le corbeau une première chez les oiseaux

first_imgUtilisation multi-usages d’outils chez le corbeau : une première chez les oiseauxPubliée dans la revue Animal Cognition, une étude britannique montre chez le corbeau calédonien l’utilisation de petits bâtons pour tâter un objet inconnu : signe d’une intelligence exceptionnelle chez les oiseaux.La poursuite des recherches des scientifiques de l’Université d’Oxford sur le corbeau calédonien (Corvus moneduloides) montre que cet oiseau utilise une baguette comme extension de son bec pour explorer des objets nouveaux, donc potentiellement dangereux. L’utilisation de tels outils pour déloger les insectes d’un arbre avait déjà été constatée chez cette espèce, mais ce comportement d’investigation précautionneuse, non alimentaire, est relevé pour la première fois chez un oiseau.À lire aussiComment rendre son bébé (encore) plus intelligent”Nous ferions la même chose au cours d’une promenade en forêt, en trouvant par hasard un objet étrange que nous n’avons jamais vu auparavant : il est plus sûr de le pousser avec un bâton qu’avec nos doigts !”, explique le Dr Jo Wimpenny, dont l’équipe a présenté à un groupe de corbeaux de nouveaux objets, tels qu’un serpent en caoutchouc, un phare de vélo ou un pot de peinture.”Seules quelques espèce, autres que l’homme, utilisent des outils à des fins multiples, et nos observations sont passionnantes parce qu’elles suggèrent que le corbeau calédonien serait ‘qualifié’ pour rejoindre ce groupe restreint”, conclut la scientifique.Le 22 janvier 2011 à 15:02 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

VPS announces more administrative changes

first_imgVancouver Public Schools announced administrative changes this week.• Ken Roberts, associate principal at Fort Vancouver High School, will move to Columbia River High School to fill an open associate position vacated by Marji Ruzicka. Ruzicka is going to Tualatin (Ore.) High School next year.• Andy Meyer, associate principal at Hudson’s Bay High School, will fill the associate principal position at Fort Vancouver. Mike Meskel, dean of students at Hudson’s Bay, will move into the associate principal opening at Hudson’s Bay.• Tamara Shoup, director of family engagement and Family-Community Resource Centers, will fill the role of interim executive director of teaching and learning and school support. She will be filling in for Kym Tyelyn-Carlson.last_img

Alex Fergusons foolish prediction on Ronaldo in 2008

first_img10 years ago, then-Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson made a bold prediction on Cristiano Ronaldo’s fate at Real MadridThe legendary Scotsman brought an 18-year-old Ronaldo over to Old Trafford in the summer of 2003 from Sporting Lisbon for a transfer fee of £12.24m – which at the time was a world record fee for a teenager.And, under Ferguson’s guidance, Ronaldo emerged as one of the most exciting young talents in European football.In May 2008, a 23-year-old Ronaldo won his first of five Champions League titles after United defeated Chelsea on penalties at Moscow.He also finished as the competitions top scorer with eight goals.This caught the attention of Real Madrid, who had gone seven years without a European title since Zinedine Zidane’s stunning match-winner against Bayer Leverkusen in 2001.In what was likely an attempt to prevent his star asset from leaving United, Ferguson made a prediction over how a move to Los Blancos would turn out for Ronaldo.“If you were asked for advice for your son you would give him the best advice, and the worst thing Ronaldo could do, at the age of 23, is to go to Real Madrid,” said Ferguson in 2008, according to the Daily Mirror.Sergio Ramos, Real MadridZidane reveals Sergio Ramos injury concern for Real Madrid Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Zinedine Zidane has put Sergio Ramos’ availability for Real Madrid’s trip to Sevilla next weekend in doubt after withdrawing him against Levante.“He is already at the right club – a fantastic football club – and the future is that he has signed a five-year contract and has four years left. That’s definite because I have seen his signature.“In the modern day young lads can be twisted by the talk of money, but if you saw Ronaldo after the Champions League final he was the happiest boy in the world.“When you have young players you want the best for them and you want to do the best for them, and I genuinely believe I know what the best club in the world is for him and that is Manchester United.“There shouldn’t be any need to go to Real Madrid.”It’s safe to say that the legendary coach was wrong on this one.Ronaldo scored 450 goals in 438 games for Real and claimed four Champions League titles and Ballon d’Or crowns.Now regarded by some as the greatest footballer of all time, Ronaldo sealed a €112m move to Juventus this summer.last_img read more

Draxler welcomes Pogba suspension for Man Utd PSGs return leg

first_imgJulian Draxler believes Paul Pogba’s suspension for Manchester United will give Paris Saint-Germain an advantage in the return leg of their last-16 clash.Pogba was sent-off towards the end of the game at Old Trafford on Tuesday night for a second yellow card following a challenge on Dani Alves as United lost the first leg 2-0 to PSG.Second half goals from Presnel Kimpembe and Kylian Mbappe were what secured PSG the win, who will next host United for the second leg at the Parc Des Princes on March 6.But the Ligue 1 champions have also received a big boost in the news that Pogba will be suspended for the clash.And PSG star Draxler believes this could be critical given that he rates the French midfielder as United’s best player.“For me, Paul is the best player of Manchester United,” said Draxler, according to OneFootball.“He’s a very important player for the team and you could see he is fantastic [on Tuesday].“That is why we are very happy he will not play the second leg.“I think they started very well so the pressure was not easy for us, but in the second half we were more confident and the pressure of Man United was a little bit less.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.“That helped us to improve our game so we found some space on the pitch and we used that very well and that is why we deserved to win.”PSG, who became the first French team to beat United at their home ground in the Champions League, will now turn their attention back to Ligue 1 for Sunday’s trip to St-Etienne.Thomas Tuchel’s side currently lead the French league by 10 points from nearest challengers Lille OSC, who have played two more games than them, and have only lost once in their 22 matches this season.⚽️🏟️🏡 #MUPSGHalfway there… 👊🔴🔵 #AllezParis— Paris Saint-Germain (@PSG_English) February 13, 2019last_img read more

FTSE 350 defined benefit pension asset values fall by £6bn

first_imgThe defined benefit (DB) pension asset values of FTSE 350 organisations fell by £6bn between 30 November 2015 and 31 December 2015 from £646bn to £640bn, according to a study from Mercer.Its Pensions risk survey also found that liability values in the FTSE 350 were £704bn in December 2015 compared to £724bn in November 2015, representing a fall of £20bn.The research also found:The accounting deficit of DB pension schemes fell from £78bn at the end of November to £64bn in December.Year on year figures show that the overall deficit fell from £74bn on 31 December 2014 to £64bn on 31 December 2015, which was primarily driven by increases in asset values from £624bn to £640bn.Liabilities increased from £698bn to £704bn between December 2014 and 2015.Le Roy van Zyl, principal in Mercer’s financial strategy group, said: “With slightly improved funding levels December had better news for pension schemes and sponsors. However, ‘one swallow does not make a summer’, and looking at the coming year, there is unfortunately considerable scope for downside, with a number of political and economic flashpoints across the globe.“Pension schemes still have significant exposures to market conditions and both trustees and sponsors are likely to become increasingly focused on how this financial exposure and other costs can be better managed.”last_img read more

Slush Puppie gains living wage accreditation

first_imgFrozen drinks manufacturer Slush Puppie has been accredited as a living wage employer by the Living Wage Foundation.The organisation has committed to paying its 89 employees the voluntary living wage rate of £8.45 an hour, or £9.75 in London. Slush Puppie will pay the living wage to both permanent staff and third-party contractors.The living wage is a voluntary rate, which is calculated according to the cost of living. The rate is independently set and updated on an annual basis.The voluntary living wage differs from the national living wage, which is a statutory rate for employees aged 25 and over. The national living wage currently stands at £7.50 an hour.Mark Peters, managing director at Slush Puppie, said: “We are a family-owned business where we put people first, from customers through to staff. From a personal point of view, it’s very important to our family that we share in our business’ prosperity with everyone that works within the [organisation].“Last year we introduced a profit-sharing scheme and now it is fantastic that we are in a position to pay everyone more than the statutory minimum wage. To be an accredited living wage employer is something the business is very proud of.”last_img read more

Construction worker dies after falling down elevator shaft in Hallandale Beach

first_imgHALLANDALE BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – A construction worker has died after he fell down an elevator shaft in Hallandale Beach.The victim was working in a building under construction located in the area of Southeast Third Avenue and 10th Street at around 9:30 a.m., Friday.Hallandale Beach Fire Rescue officials said the man was working on an addition to the structure when he fell approximately 10 stories to his death.Broward Sheriff’s Office Fire Rescue crews assisted HBFR as they worked to recover the body.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Ola Electric brings Arun Sarin on board as independent director

first_imgArun SarinPR HandoutOla Electric Mobility Pvt Ltd (Ola Electric) on Tuesday announced that it has appointed Arun Sarin, the former CEO of Vodafone Group Plc, as an Independent Director on its board.Arun is a veteran in the telecom space and a globally respected business leader. He serves on the boards of Cisco Systems, Accenture, Charles Schwab and Ola’s parent company ANI Technologies. He received an Honorary Knighthood from Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace in 2010.Speaking on his appointment to Ola Electric’s board, Arun Sarin said, “I am delighted to be joining the board of Ola Electric. Electric Mobility at scale is the need of the hour and can help us solve some of the world’s most complex problems like climate change, pollution, over-dependence on non-renewables amongst others.””Ola Electric is pioneering the change by building an ecosystem that can help catalyse the adoption of electric vehicles globally. I look forward to working with Bhavish and the team at Ola Electric, towards their bold vision for the future of mobility,” he added.Bhavish Aggarwal, co-founder and CEO, Ola said, “I am very excited to welcome Arun on the board of Ola Electric. Over the years, his guidance and support have helped Ola grow as an organization with a global perspective.””Ola Electric aims to build an ecosystem that can accelerate the adoption of electric mobility in India and across the world. Arun’s experience of building global businesses and his deep understanding of emerging markets and opportunities will be very valuable for us at Ola Electric in executing towards our mission. We look forward to his continued guidance and mentorship,” he added.As CEO of Vodafone Group Plc, he was the driving force behind expansion into emerging markets like, India, Turkey and Africa, grew the data and internet businesses globally, produced record revenues and profits with a market capitalization of over $150 billion.last_img read more

Maxine Pryor Dies at 65

first_imgMaxine Pryor, sister of Rosa ‘Rambling Rose,’ died following a long illness. (Courtesy photo)Maxine Delores Pryor, sister of AFRO columnist Rosa ‘Rambling Rose’ Pryor, died on Dec. 5 following a long illness.Born on Sept. 2, 1951, Pryor graduated from Frederick Douglass High School in Baltimore in 1971. She worked at several of Maryland’s top hotels as a hostess and was a member of Wayland Baptist Church in Baltimore. Pryor was a fan of the Ravens, visiting casinos and spending time with her family.She leaves behind two children Ty and Wayne, nine grandchildren, three sisters, two brothers, eight nieces, five nephews, two brothers-in-law and a sister in law.Services were held at Joseph H. Brown, Jr. Funeral Home on Dec. 14.last_img

Computer simulations show evolution of birds crouch likely due to increase in

first_img PausePlay% buffered00:0000:00UnmuteMuteDisable captionsEnable captionsSettingsCaptionsDisabledQuality0SpeedNormalCaptionsGo back to previous menuQualityGo back to previous menuSpeedGo back to previous menu0.5×0.75×Normal1.25×1.5×1.75×2×Exit fullscreenEnter fullscreen Play Movie showing all 17 of our computer models, in evolutionary sequence from furthers to closest in relationship to living birds. Credit: John R. Hutchinson The simulation isn’t able to show definitively if the increase in forelimb size, or the shift in stance was responsible for the development of flight, but it certainly seems logical to conclude that it was all part of the same gradual process. Developing a crouched position was necessary the researchers note, to support the increased mass that developed towards the front part of the dinosaurs. But that, they add, also means adding more hind leg muscle to support the crouch—it’s a far less energy efficient posture. They point to real life dinosaur examples, such as Archaeopteryx, Microraptor and the Velociraptor as proof of their theory—each sported shorter tails, bigger forelimbs and a crouched position due to a more forward center of gravity. For many years, the consensus among those who study dinosaurs was that the crouch seen in modern birds was most likely due to a shift in center of balance as tails grew smaller over time. To find out if this was actually the case, the researchers fed data from several types of dinosaurs (mostly archosaurs), modern birds and their closet living relative, crocodiles, into a computer model. Using that information, they built skeletons and then manually covered them with muscle and skin. The computer was then directed to simulate changes in body structure over millions of years of evolution to see how they impacted the center of gravity of evolving dinosaurs. Surprisingly, they found that it wasn’t slowly diminishing tails that caused the animals to shift their stance, it was the development of larger forelimbs, which of course, over many more millions of years, for some, led to the development of wings. Citation: Computer simulations show evolution of birds’ crouch likely due to increase in forelimb size (w/ video) (2013, April 25) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Play Movie showing the 3D modelling procedure that we used; here featuring the large dinosaur Allosaurus. Credit: John R. Hutchinson This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Credit: Concept art by Luis Rey Journal information: Nature Muscle reconstruction reveals how dinosaurs stood More information: Linking the evolution of body shape and locomotor biomechanics in bird-line archosaurs, Nature (2013) doi:10.1038/nature12059AbstractLocomotion in living birds (Neornithes) has two remarkable features: feather-assisted flight, and the use of unusually crouched hindlimbs for bipedal support and movement. When and how these defining functional traits evolved remains controversial. However, the advent of computer modelling approaches and the discoveries of exceptionally preserved key specimens now make it possible to use quantitative data on whole-body morphology to address the biomechanics underlying this issue. Here we use digital body reconstructions to quantify evolutionary trends in locomotor biomechanics (whole-body proportions and centre-of-mass position) across the clade Archosauria. We use three-dimensional digital reconstruction to estimate body shape from skeletal dimensions for 17 archosaurs along the ancestral bird line, including the exceptionally preserved, feathered taxa Microraptor, Archaeopteryx, Pengornis and Yixianornis, which represent key stages in the evolution of the avian body plan. Rather than a discrete transition from more-upright postures in the basal-most birds (Avialae) and their immediate outgroup deinonychosauria5, 6, our results support hypotheses of a gradual, stepwise acquisition of more-crouched limb postures across much of theropod evolution, although we find evidence of an accelerated change within the clade Maniraptora (birds and their closest relatives, such as deinonychosaurs). In addition, whereas reduction of the tail is widely accepted to be the primary morphological factor correlated with centre-of-mass position and, hence, evolution of hindlimb posture, we instead find that enlargement of the pectoral limb and several associated trends have a much stronger influence. Intriguingly, our support for the onset of accelerated morpho-functional trends within Maniraptora is closely correlated with the evolution of flight. Because we find that the evolution of enlarged forelimbs is strongly linked, via whole-body centre of mass, to hindlimb function during terrestrial locomotion, we suggest that the evolution of avian flight is linked to anatomical novelties in the pelvic limb as well as the pectoral.Press release Explore further Animal standing or at the midpoint of a step (a). For the animal to balance, forces applied by the feet (red) must match the force of body weight (blue) pointing downwards from the centre of mass (yellow/black). If the centre of mass moves forward (b), then the feet must move forward (and thus the limb must get more crouched) to maintain balance, as in (c). Credit: John R. Hutchinson © 2013 PausePlay% buffered00:0000:00UnmuteMuteDisable captionsEnable captionsSettingsCaptionsDisabledQuality0SpeedNormalCaptionsGo back to previous menuQualityGo back to previous menuSpeedGo back to previous menu0.5×0.75×Normal1.25×1.5×1.75×2×Exit fullscreenEnter fullscreen ( —An international team of researchers working together to discover how, when and why birds have evolved to stand in a crouching position, have come to the conclusion that it was due much more to the growth of forelimbs than a reduction in size of the tail. The team describes in their paper published in the journal Nature, how they built computer simulations to recreate in a virtual sense, the evolution process that led to the crouching position and possibly the evolution of flight.last_img read more

Intl Womens Day Police launch campaign on womens safety

first_imgKolkata: Police officers launched a campaign to ensure better safety of women here on Friday. The drive was titled ‘Respect Women’. After assuming office, Kolkata Commissioner of Police Anuj Sharma had said woman’s safety would be his priority.A source said Sharma had instructed senior officers to take necessary steps to make the city safer for the women. He also advised the officers to launch an extensive campaign to ensure that women were not harassed in the city. They should feel safe to travel across the city. He instructed the officers to act immediately if any crime against women was reported. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseBased on the suggestions of the top cop, police officers had come up with the idea of celebrating the Women’s Day in a unique way. Quiz competitions were organised at marketplaces, bus terminuses, shopping malls and other crowded places with women. This apart, police pasted stickers on vehicles with the owner’s permission to promote their mission. A yellow sticker with the slogan “Respect Women” along with the logo of Kolkata Police were pasted on private vehicles. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataOn the commercial vehicles, a sticker with space for writing the vehicle’s registration number, name and mobile number of the driver, was pasted. It will not only help the women, but all the passengers to get hold of the vehicle’s registration number and driver’s identity in case of an emergency. According to senior officers of Kolkata Police, such campaigns will be organised throughout the year to make the city safer for the women. It will also help the police to communicate with local residents.last_img read more

WATCH Fan wearing burnt LeBron The Decision jersey has zero shame

first_imgThe days of people burning LeBron jersey’s in the streets of Cleveland seems like it happened a million years ago. Some evidence of the dark night when LeBron announced he was taking his talents to South Beach does remain, however.One fan was spotted catching Wednesday night’s blowout loss to the Nuggets in an original burnt LeBron “The Decision” jersey.It’s a masterpiece in modern art, and a monument to hypocrisy. This guy has no shame.True LeBron James fan here,still wears his jersey after burning it— Ananth Pandian (@Ananth_Pandian) March 23, 2017 Advertisement Note: It has been pointed out by several publications and readers that this jersey was not made by the Cavs until after LeBron left for Miami. So, this guy paid actual money for a jersey and torched it. Seems fun.last_img read more

Featured Deal Go from Linux Command Line Novice to Ninja with Professional

first_imgThousands of learners have transformed from Linux Command Line novice to ninja with Linux Power User bundle. Linux is a leading operating system, powering supercomputers and servers that empower the platforms we visit online every day. Today’s featured Power Bundle is a great way to get acquainted with this popular operating system. You need absolutely zero previous knowledge to successfully make the move from being a novice to Linux ninja, as it teaches you everything from installation to advanced techniques.If you are looking for ways to get acquainted with this popular operating system, we are bringing to you just the right deal. You can now get a comprehensive 5-course Linux Power User Bundle from Wccftech Deals for just $19, at a massive 97% discount.Get Linux Power User Bundle for $19High Availability for the LAMP Stack: Make Sure Your Sites and Apps Run Smoothly By Eliminating Points of FailureLearn Linux in 5 Days & Level Up Your Career: Get Promoted or Start a New Career with Essential Linux SkillsLinux Alternatives to Windows Applications: Learn About the Linux Equivalents to Windows Software, Programs and ApplicationsLinux for Beginners: Get Familiar with the Linux Operating System and Command LineThe Linux Command Line Essentials: Quickly and Easily Master the Linux Command Line: Manage Files, Directories and MoreOriginal value: $693 | Wccftech Deals Offer: $19 at 97% discount Share Tweet Submitlast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Hilton Worldwide has s

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterHilton Worldwide has signed a management agreement with Société d’Aménagement et de Promotion de la Station de Taghazout (SAPST) to open a 170 guestroom hotel within the Taghazout Bay Resort located 17 kilometres north of the Moroccan coastal town of Agadir. Hilton Taghazout Bay Beach Resort & Spa is set to open in 2018 and will join three Hilton Worldwide hotels currently operating or under development in Morocco.Hilton Taghazout Bay Beach Resort & Spa is part of Morocco’s new sustainable Taghazout Bay Resort complex, which is set in the peaceful foothills of the Atlas Mountains and overlooks the stunning Atlantic coastline. Guests to the hotel will have access to a range of activities at the Taghazout Bay Resort complex, including the on-site surf camp, tennis club and golf academy at the beautiful 18-hole golf course designed by architect Kyle Philips, as well as hiking and mountain biking. The resort is located only 40 minutes from Agadir International Airport.“Tourist arrivals in Morocco have more than doubled since 2000, and as the market continues to mature there is opportunity for Hilton to grow in locations across the country,” said Patrick Fitzgibbon, Senior Vice President, development, EMEA, Hilton Worldwide. “Hilton Taghazout Bay Beach Resort & Spa, alongside the recently opened Hilton Garden Inn Tanger City Centre, supports our wider growth strategy in North Africa. This spectacular new development will contribute to the Moroccan Government’s ambitions to establish Morocco as one of the top 20 tourist destinations in the world.”A progressive open-skies agreement with Europe has removed the limit on EU flights to Moroccan airports. As a result there are a significant number of flight routes from key source markets including Germany, France and Spain, whose tourists increasingly flock to Taghazout Bay Resort for its peaceful beaches and striking mountainous scenery.Hilton Taghazout Bay Beach Resort & Spa joins two Hilton Worldwide properties currently under development in Morocco. Hilton Tanger City Centre Hotel & Residences and Hilton Tangier Al Houara Resort & Spa are both set to open in 2017.“Hilton Taghazout Bay Beach Resort & Spa takes us one hotel away from 50 Hilton Hotels and Resorts trading or under development across Africa,” said Jim Holthouser, Executive Vice President, Global Brands, Hilton Worldwide. “The brand has seen exceptional success across the continent since our longest trading hotel Hilton Addis Ababa first opened in 1969.”Ahmed Oulahna, SAPST CEO, said, “It is with great excitement that we partner with a global brand as prestigious as Hilton. Hilton Taghazout Bay Beach Resort & Spa is an essential component of the Taghazout Bay Resort, promising pleasant stays rich in emotions.”The property will have stylish and spacious outdoor pool areas that overlook the bay’s curving beach, with direct access to the shore for guests of the hotel. In addition to its fully serviced spa the hotel will include two signature restaurants and a bar. For corporate travellers the hotel will include a ballroom suitable for up to 500 delegates and four meetings rooms.Hilton Taghazout Bay Beach Resort & Spa will be located at Station Touristique de Taghazout Bay, route d’Essaouira, Agadir, 80000, Morocco.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more