‘Drive it Home’ anti-litter campaign launched in The Rosses

first_imgDrivers in one of Donegal’s most scenic areas are being asked to take their rubbish home rather than throwing it out of their car window in a new ‘Drive it Home’ anti-litter campaign.The campaign was launched in The Rosses in Donegal, involving seven Tidy Town groups who have joined forces following their annual community clean ups as part of the county-wide #BigDonegalCleanUp and An Taisce’s National Spring Clean initiative.After all their efforts in recent months, the groups are now asking drivers to play their part and ‘drive their rubbish home’ rather than discarding of it in some of the most beautiful scenic areas in the country. representatives from the 7 Tidy Town Groups, Suzanne Bogan, Waste Awareness Officer, Donegal County Council and students from primary and secondary schools in The RossesCampaign organiser Nuala Bonner from Dungloe Tidy Towns group explained: “when we were doing our clean ups the amount of litter along the roadsides was just astonishing.  Everything from plastic bottles to takeaway boxes and bags, to sweet wrappers, crisp packets to dirty nappies were found and these items did not get there on their own.  They had to be thrown out of car windows.  And we are simply asking people to think before they throw rubbish out of the car window and to take it home and dispose of it in their own household waste.”The launch took place in the Public Service Centre in Dungloe at 11.30am on Wednesday (8 May) where the Tidy Town Groups and local schools were joined with local elected member Cllr. Maire Therese Gallagher who complimented the groups and the schools on this initiative.Students from Scoil Cholmcille National School, Acres Burtonport at the launch of the Drive it Home Roadside Anti-litter Awareness CampaignNuala Bonner from Dungloe Tidy Towns explaining the Drive it Home initiative to students attending the launch on Wednesday in Dungloe Public Service Centre.Nuala Bonner added “each child from the local schools will be asked to take a car sticker home with the campaign message ‘Drive it home’ and we are hoping that people will display this sticker on their vehicles for other motorists to see and hopefully this will raise people’s awareness and encourage them to join and support our campaign”.Cathaoirleach of Glenties MD, Cllr. John Sheamais Ó’Fearraigh commended the groups on this initiative saying “it is great to see the groups working together in The Rosses to get this message out there.  I have seen first-hand the brilliant work done by groups over the last few months and to see litter dropped along the roadside a few days after a community clean-up is so frustrating. “I am joining with the community of The Rosses and indeed all communities in Donegal in asking drivers and their passengers not to throw rubbish out of their car or van windows but to drive it home.  This is not only an insult to the many volunteers who work tirelessly to keep their areas looking pristine but it is illegal and you could face prosecution.”Representatives from the 7 Tidy Town Groups, Suzanne Bogan, Waste Awareness Officer, Donegal County Council and students from primary and secondary schools in The RossesSuzanne Bogan, Waste Awareness Officer with Donegal County Council also congratulated the groups on this initiative and said Donegal County Council was delighted to support such a worthwhile campaign saying “this is a simple message and one that I would ask everyone to take on board.  The work done in this area over the last few months has been outstanding and we in Donegal County Council are delighted to be supporting this local initiative.  This initiative has been spearheaded by the local community and I think that in itself sends out a powerful message.  These are the people who work day in and day out to keep their communities looking pristine and litter free and they are appealing to motorists to respect their efforts and their beautiful area.”‘Drive it Home’ anti-litter campaign launched in The Rosses was last modified: May 9th, 2019 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:‘Drive it Home’ anti-litter campaignlast_img read more

StackMob: The Complete Technology Stack for Mobile Apps

first_imgRole of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement sarah perez Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Tags:#Android#Apple#apps#mobile#news StackMob is a new startup with a brilliant idea: make mobile development easier by offering a single platform for integrating backend services into mobile apps. Company co-founder Ty Amell describes the service as “Heroku for mobile,” referring to the way Heroku, a platform-as-a-service provider, provides add-ons to Ruby developers looking to integrate additional functionality into their apps. Like Heroku, StackMob will let mobile app developers pick and choose which backend services they want to integrate into their apps, too. That way, developers can spend less time and effort on infrastructure concerns, and can instead focus on perfecting an app’s user experience, its design and client-side code.What the StackMob Stack IncludesStackMob is developing/offering the following:A single integration point to backend servicesAPI creation and management – API infrastructure in the cloud for API’s built in minutes, not weeks. ?Developers can also write their own business logic and upload that custom code in Java, Ruby, Python, Lua or any JVM supported language. Analytics across all StackMob services where you can drill-down by geographic location, platform, app version, demographic info and more.Messaging (both push and email); Email powered by SendGrid, Inc. Social (Twitter, Facebook, Google) – both logging in and social network sharing is supported.Location services (not available in the beta, but in development)Advertising (not available in the beta, but in development)Monetization (?not available in the beta, but in development)An open source iOS SDK is available (Android coming soon)Beta DetailsSome of these services, as noted above, will be available in StackMob’s beta due to launch in either February or March, while some are still in development.Initially, StackMob is just focused on the iOS platform but plans to extend to Android in the near future. However, because the SDK (software development kit) provided is open source, there’s nothing stopping developers from downloading a copy and tweaking it to suit their needs.Although the exact pricing structure has not yet been determined, StackMob will be available as a freemium offering, we’re told. It will be free to use, but when you’re ready to publish your app to the iTunes App Store, you’ll need to pay. The pricing tiers will then be scaled by app usage.If you’re a developer interested in testing StackMob when it launches, you can sign up for the beta here on the company homepage.center_img The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Related Posts What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech …last_img read more

How To Keep Your Chatty Friends From Overwhelming You On Social Media

first_imgThe Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Tags:#Block#Facebook#Instagram#LinkedIn#Mute#twitter Instagram, the most popular social photo sharing and editing application, is a little less restrictive than Facebook. Instagram accounts, like Twitter, are all public, so unless you set your account to private, anyone can see what you’re snapping photos of. There’s no way to mute the people you follow—but you can mute their videos. If you block someone, the user will be unable to see your profile and posts, but they will still be able to @mention you, and those @mentions will appear in your notifications. If you block someone, there’s no way for that user to know. It’s unclear why the company thinks a blocked user should be allowed to @mention the person who blocked them and why their tagged posts show up in the user’s feed. Instagram’s blocking policy says that if you’d rather not have a blocked user @mention you, just change your username. “If you block someone and then change your username, it’ll prevent them from being able to @mention you.” That might work until the blocked user figures out your new username. I’ve reached out to Instagram to see why their blocking policy is so toothless, and I’ll update this post if and when I hear back.How To Block On InstagramSelect the “Explore” icon from the bottomSearch for the username On the user’s profile, select the top right “share” iconSelect “Block user”Separate Business And TimelinesLinkedIn finally announced a block function earlier this year that prevents a user from accessing your profile, interacting with you, and viewing network activity. Unlike more social-based platforms like Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn is a professional network, and one that most users want to be as big as possible. So simply dropping objectionable types as a connection might not be your best option.If you don’t want to see updates from people in your network but still want to view or contact them at any time, you can simply hide their updates on your homepage. Like Facebook’s unfollow feature, hiding someone on LinkedIn prevents you from seeing any posts from that person in the future. To Hide Someone On LinkedInHover over their postSelect “Hide” in the top right cornerClean Up Your FeedsGetting rid of the social media clutter seems like a daunting task, but it can make the online social experience so much better.If, like me, you’re tired of the over-sharing, now might be a good time to tone down the noise from your friends and followers. But don’t worry, you don’t have to tell them first. Lead image courtesy of Rocketboom on Flickr; all other images screenshots by Selena Larson Social media is a real land of confusion these days. Between that long-winded Facebook friend who was a neighbor in college and those tweeters posting endless updates about events we really don’t care about, there are too many people making too many problems on the Internet.But we’re all human, and as much as we might like to tell our friends and acquaintances to stop posting selfies or tweeting meaningless hashtags, it’s really hard to be straight with them. Which is why muting the noise from your feeds can be as effective as hitting the same button on your television remote control.So what’s the best way to handle over-sharers? The most popular social networks have different ways of culling people from your feeds, whether by blocking them entirely or just tuning them out until they learn to moderate their own worst impulses.Mute That TweetTwitter is taking a second, much needed stab at a mute function after completely botching it the first time around. Soon you’ll be able to mute people on Twitter.com as well as the iOS and Android Twitter applications.See also: Twitter Reverts Blocking Policy After User OutrageOnce you’ve muted someone, their tweets and retweets don’t show up in your timeline, and you won’t receive push or text notifications from them. Unlike blocking someone, the muted user won’t know you’ve decided you’d rather not see their tweets.The new feature has been a long time coming. In fact, Twitter is finally catching up to features that third-party Twitter clients like Tweetbot and Tweetdeck have offered for years. The third-party apps, in fact, still do it better; for instance, they’ll let you mute hashtags and phrases, not just people.See also: The Social Web Needs Smart Mute ButtonsLast year, Twitter made a change to its blocking policy that effectively changed “block” to “mute.” Twitter said it was because users could get antagonistic when they learned that another user had blocked them—usually because they tried to follow someone’s account but couldn’t. The company reversed itself after users complained. Now muting has been reborn as an entirely separate feature. Essentially, muting does the same thing blocking someone on Twitter does, with one big difference: People don’t know they’ve been muted, and muted users can still follow you.So why not just block someone, if you don’t want to hear what they have to say? I’ve been using mute on Tweetdeck, so I understand the value. Occasionally I’ll mute people because they’re being retweeted into my timeline, and I don’t want to see their tweets, or because they’re at an event or conference and are live-tweeting the entire thing. As one of my followers points out, she follows people who tweet generic links that she doesn’t want to see, but she still wants to be able to send them direct messages, a privilege reserved for mutual followers. There are a couple of downsides to Twitter’s mute feature, however. You can only mute users, not phrases or hashtags, and you can’t mute someone for a specific period of time. That means in order to unmute someone, you’ll have to do it manually.Some users might find Twitter’s new feature confusing, especially considering that the company is simplifying everything to appeal to the masses. Having a mute and block option that do almost the same thing could be more difficult to explain to new Twitter users, and might end up making both features trickier to figure out. The new mute feature will be rolling out to everyone over the next couple of weeks.How To Block On TwitterGo to a Twitter user’s profile on Twitter.com or the mobile appSelect the gear icon for “settings” Select “block @username”How To Mute On TwitterGo to a Twitter user’s profile on Twitter.com or the mobile appSelect the gear icon for “settings” Select “mute @username”Ignoring, Or Eliminating, Facebook FriendsFacebook is the most popular site for over-sharing. I’ve dealt with that problem by cutting back my friends list, but that’s not a solution for everyone. Some people want to remain friends with users who post too many status updates complaining about their job, they just don’t want to hear it.Blocking someone on Facebook takes them off your friends list. That prevents them from seeing anything you post on your timeline or from having any further contact with you. Unfriending someone also means you won’t see their posts in your timeline.For a more passive-aggressive way to tune out your friends list, you can always “unfollow.” Facebook introduced the unfollow feature late last year as a replacement for “Hide All,” a way to hide posts you don’t care about from friends, without unfriending them entirely. If you want, you can still check out their profile from time to time, and if and when they learn that not everyone cares about what they’re eating for lunch, you can follow them back to see updates in your timeline. How To Block On FacebookOn the top right corner of your home timeline, select the lock icon “Privacy shortcuts”Select “How do I stop someone from bothering me?” Enter the name or email of the person you want to blockHow To Unfollow On FacebookWhen you see that person’s post in your timeline, select the down arrow to the rightSelect “Unfollow friend”Or, you could go to their profile and hit “unfollow” right under the cover photoBlocking Food Porn And Selfies Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification selena larson Related Posts Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditlast_img read more

Bihar, Punjab take DGP issue to SC

first_imgThe Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear the pleas of Bihar and Punjab seeking modification of an earlier order directing the States to mandatorily take assistance of the Union Public Service Commission in shortlisting names for appointing Director General of Police (DGP).The top court, on July 3 this year, passed a slew of directions on police reforms in the country and chronicled the steps for appointment of regular DGPs.It stated that the States will have to send a list of senior police officers to the UPSC at least three months prior to the retirement of the incumbent. The commission will then prepare a panel and intimate to the States, which in turn will immediately appoint one of the persons from that list.A Bench comprising Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justice S.K. Kaul was on Friday told by the governments of Bihar and Punjab that the July 3 order needed to be modified as they have already come out with State laws to deal with the issue of appointment of DGP.Lawyer Shoeb Alam, appearing for Bihar, said the State has already framed a comprehensive law, dealing with various aspects including the procedures to appoint the DGP, in pursuance of the 2006 apex court verdict on police reforms. He said the apex court’s direction on appointment of the DGP needed to be modified.Senior lawyer P. Chidambaram appeared for the Punjab government.The apex court has now fixed the pleas of both States for hearing on December 7.The West Bengal government has also filed a similar plea.Earlier, the apex court had passed a slew of directions on police reforms in the country and had restrained all States and Union Territories from appointing any police officer as acting DGP.The top court’s direction had come on an application filed by the Centre in which it claimed that certain States have been appointing acting DGPs and then making them permanent just before the date of their superannuation to enable them get the benefit of an additional two-year tenure till the age of 62 years.The Bench had ordered keeping in abeyance any rule or legislation framed by any of the States or the Centre running counter to the earlier direction of the court.The court, however, had said that if any State has a grievance with regard to the directions, then they may approach it for modification of the order.The apex court, on September 8 last year, had agreed to hear a clutch of pleas observing that its historic 2006 verdict on police reforms, recommending steps like fixed tenures for DGPs and SPs, has not yet been implemented by States and Union territories.The apex court, while deciding the PIL filed by two former DGPs Prakash Singh and N.K. Singh in 2006, had issued several directions, including setting up of a State Security Commission, to ensure that the government does not exercise unwarranted influence on the police.It had said the appointment of DGPs and police officers should be merit-based and transparent and officers like DGPs and Superintendents of Police should have a minimum fixed tenure of two years.last_img read more

No resolution in sight for doping cases

first_imgWith a number of cases already pending before the anti-doping disciplinary panel, those involving six top quarter-milers of the country seem to be heading for another long battle after Wednesday’s hearing was adjourned for October 5.Defence counsel RK Anand sought reports on the second test of one of the athletes from the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) due to which the hearing had to be adjourned.Ashwini Akkunji, Sini Jose, Mandeep Kaur, Jauna Murmu, Priyanka Panwar and Tiana Mary Thomas appeared for their second hearing in the dope cases but there were hardly any arguments exchanged.The defence had sought the documentation package of all the athletes from NADA in the previous hearing. The packages of all the athletes were furnished but it came to light that Tiana tested positive for anabolic steroids in two different tests conducted by NADA – at the inter- state championships in June and an out-of-competition test in Patiala.That gave Anand an opportunity to ask for the documentation package of the second test and the hearing had to be adjourned even as the prosecution lawyer asked for it to go ahead with the available documents on other athletes. But chairman of the disciplinary panel Dinesh Dayal allowed Anand another long period to prepare his case.According to the NADA rules, the hearing has to be completed within three months but often the cases have dragged on for months and in some cases, for more than a year.In fact, a few months back, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) also pulled up NADA and asked it to hasten the hearing process. It was only then that NADA woke up to ask the disciplinary panels, which are independent bodies, to pick up the pace in the hearing processes.advertisementOn Wednesday, a three-member panel headed by Dayal also adjourned the hearing in the cases of 11 sports persons who tested positive for methylhexaneamine (MHA) last year.The MHA cases have been going on for close to a year, if not more than that, but the disciplinary panel hasn’t been able to come out with a verdict due to various delays at the pretext of some missing documents or the other.As the case dragged on, NADA stepped in and requested the panel to accelerate proceedings.A time-bound schedule for the hearings was proposed this week, but the hearing has now been adjourned till October 7.Seized or provided?The tests on the food supplements provided by the quartermilers have returned positive but it throws a serious question on what can be tested at the National Drug Testing Laboratory (NDTL) and what not.Besides, there is no clarity on whether the food supplements that were tested there were seized or voluntarily provided by the athletes.It has been reliably learnt that NADA never collected the food supplements from the athletes. It was the Sports Authority of India (SAI) which collected the samples at the behest the Mudgal committee, which is looking into the dope cases in athletics, and passed them on to the NDTL. However, as per the rules, NDTL cannot conduct tests except if the request comes from NADA or from any other national sports federation.Another question that arises is whether the supplements that have returned positive tests are the same as those substance found in the samples provided by the athletes.The banned substance, which has been found in the supplements, is ginseng and if brought to the notice of the panel, it may help the athletes to get a reduced sanction on the basis of “No fault or negligence clause,” mentioned in the NADA code.But for that, the hearing process will have to come to some conclusion which does not seem likely in the near future.Panel head pleads for more staffThe anti-doping disciplinary panelists, who decide the fate of India’s top athletes caught in the drug mess, are finding it hard to carry out their work in the absence of the required facilities.Justice CK Mahajan on Wednesday was once again critical of the National Anti- Doping Agency (NADA) for the lack of staff for him and other panelists. “I have been asking for a dedicated staff for hearing proceedings for a long time but I have got nothing,” said Mahajan as he got ready to dictate his order to a NADA official.It is just one official who has been designated to help the anti-doping disciplinary and appeals panel with its daily proceedings. Besides, the official also goes out for sample collection to various places outside the Capital and then has to maintain all the legal and laboratory records of the athletes which are to be provided to the panelists.advertisementAlso, he has to double up as a stenographer as well when the anti-doping panel dictates its order. On Wednesday, when another official came to take the order on a laptop, Mahajan made his displeasure clear.”It will take three days to dictate the order,” he said. Following his comments, one of the lawyers came in to take down the order.last_img read more

India Today Woman Summit 2014- Highlights

first_imgHighlight1: Women leaders to speak at the India Today Woman Summit and Awards 2014 on August 9. #Highlight2: The event is being held at ITC Maurya in the National Capital. #Highlight3: There will be 24 speakers addressing the Summit. #Highlight4: Politicians, sportswomen and Bollywood stars will be seen debating issues. #Highlight5: Key speakers are Harsimrat Kaur Badal(Union Minister), Shilpa Shetty (Actor), Smirti Irani (HRD Minister), Tabu (Actor). #Highlight6: Union Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal will speak on how women handle power and politics better. #Highlight7: Actress Manisha Koirala to speak on her battle against cancer. #Highlight8: Shilpa Shetty to speak on “One Woman, Many Roles”. #Highlight9: Actor-turned-BJP MP Kirron Kher and actress Khushboo Sundar will speak on “A New Identity Grit, Glamour, Guts”. #Highlight10: Kalli Purie, Group Synergy and Creative Officer, India Today Group welcomes the guests at India Today Woman Summit 2014. #Highlight11: Women at the top are changing rules: Kalli. #Highlight12: They are defying sterotypes: Kalli. #Highlight13: Unless we bridge trust deficit, we will not be able to make it: Kalli. #Highlight14: Women who have chosen motherhood as full time job have to understand working women and have to work together: Kalli #Highlight15: Celebrating womanhood in its wholenmess: Kalli. #Highlight16: Kaveree Bamzai, Editor, India Today, on stage. She welcomes Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Union MInister Food Processing Industry. #Highlight17: Society is changing: Harsimrat. #Highlight18: Politics was far from my agenda, I am in politics by default, by destiny, not by desire: Harsimrat Kaur Badal. #Highlight19: Punjab does not grow any drug, but we have a border. From two sides we are surrounded by places where drugs are legal and easy. We could only clamp down and put them in jail. 2000 people we have caught from Punjab and few foreigners. We have zero tolerance towards drugs.: Harsimrat. #Highlight20: We have porous border. Being in government I know we are doing work: Harsimrat. #Highlight21:My kids suffred a lot, they stood by what I was doing: Harsimrat. # Highlight22:Punjab had worst female ratio in India: Harsimrat. #Highlight23:Journey was long, we are on track and going in right direction: Harsimrat. # Highlight24:As a woman it was challenging and very tough: Harsimrat. #Highlight25:Woman MP from political families do not have it easy. I am the only MP who covered her 900 constituencies at least 4 times in 5 months: Harsimrat. #Highlight26:Nobody from any decent family wants to get into politics including my kids: Harsimrat. #Highlight27:This PM has risen from bottom and knows what’s to be done. He’s done it and proved it in his state: Harsimrat. #Highlight28:This PM sets the agenda himself. Starting from weeding out corruption, taking hard decision and ensuring everybody is working: Harsimrat. #Highlight29:There is reporting system so work will move and things will get done: Harsimrat. #Highlight30:Politicians in the Parliament are mirror of society. If the women don’t come in front, their issue will not be resolved: Harsimrat. #Highlight31:Being a woman, I know what issues the women have: Harsimrat. #Highlight32:We understand the challenges women face: Harsimrat. #Highlight33:Next session: Beating Cancer Living to Tell the Tale. #Highlight34:Manisha Koirala is on the stage. #Highlight35:When you face your mortality, you start reflecting a lot, start questioning a lot. I had to deal with lot of fear, uncertainty. I had great family support: Manisha #Highlight36:Spiritual journey I had taken few years back I could deal with the fears: Manisha # Highlight37:The good part about being a celebrity is that if I ever asked for help, I would definitely get it: Manisha #Highlight38:I consulted my spiritual teacher he told me how to deal with the fear: Manisha #Highlight39:Any hurt, any fear, don’t run away from it, stay with the pain. Go through the whole process, cry, shout: Manisha #Highlight40:When I found out about cancer, I was numb, I was in denial, I thought it couldn’t happen to me: Manisha #Highlight41:It wasn’t easy for my family to laugh and be positive that time but we made an effort: Manisha #Highlight42:I had to tell myself, it’s not chemotherapy, they are Vitamin shots: Manisha Koirala #Highlight43:It wasn’t easy for my family to laugh and be positive but we made an effort: Manisha # Highlight44:Your reaction to hard times make you or break you: Manisha #Highlight45:A lot of soul searching, a lot of identification with my looks, body. There were a lot of questions. So it was quite a journey: Manisha #Highlight46:Cancer is not death sentence. There is lot of fear in India. We need to oversome that: Manisha #Highlight47:I will write a separate book on my cancer journey: Manisha #Highlight48:I have started enjoying life. I was existing before and now I am living: Manisha #Highlight49:Session begins: What a racket – The String Quintet #Highlight50:Squash player Deepika Pallikal and badminton players Jwala Gutta and PV Sindhu on stage #Highlight51:There is discrimination against women. I am only 23 and I don’t have guts. There is no greater feeling than playing for the country: Deepika Pallikal #Highlight52:We just expect acknowledgement, appreciation. We are women achievers: Jwala Gutta #Highlight53:I spoke up only when bad things had happened, when I was threatened to be banned for life. I believe in strength, being truthful gives strength: Jwala Gutta #Highlight54:Next session: Mind, Body, Soul The Mantra of Makeover #Highlight55:Mala Sekhri welcomes Dr Rashmi Shetty, Chhaya Momaya, Tapasya Mundhra and Sara Abdullah Pilot #Highlight56: I would want to look good for a man: Chhaya Momaya #Highlight57:Looking good is extremely important. If you eat fresh it stays with you all your life: Chhaya Momaya #Highlight58:Shifting the focus from outer body to inner helps: Sara Abdullah #Highlight59: Anti-ageing is to look beautiful and age is not a criteria: Rashmi Shetty #Highlight60:I tried Botox on myself, but left it at that, I use lip balm, mascara and sunscreen: Rashmi Shetty #Highlight61:Time to eat and portion to eat is the key: Tapasya Mundhra #Highlight62:When complimenting a lady, how honest can a man be? asks Jamal Sheikh, Editor, Men’s Health #Highlight63:Be honest, answers Chhaya Momaya #Highlight64:Be honest. But stay kind, not mean while complimenting, says Sara Abdullah #Highlight65:Use a good moisturiser, eat well, don’t get scared of food, lot of knowledge is good – say the four experts summing up the session #Highlight66: Session begins: Lover, Friend, Son, Husband Creating a More Equal World #Highlight67: Gul Panag, Shelja Sen and Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan on the stage #Highlight68:Equal access to opportunity is what defines gender equality: Gul Panag # Highlight69:I am a relentless crusader when it comes to gender justice: Gul Panag #Highlight70:People shouldn’t be denied on basis of what they were born- men or women: Shelja #Highlight71:Keynote Session – The Idol Trap Rhetoric vs Reality #Highlight72:Kaveree Bamzai welcomes Imran Khan on stage #Highlight73:Imaara means strong and resolute. I want my daughter to be strong: Imran #Highlight74:My mother brought me up as a thinking person: Imran # Highlight75:From the age of 10 to 15 I did cooking, washing in a Gurukul-type school away from home: Imran #Highlight76:My first film released at age 24. At that age you don’t know what constitutes a smart career choice: Imran #Highlight77:I find it distasteful to disown a film: Imran #Highlight78:I think we are moving in the right direction. We are looking at content in addition to Box Office. There are interesting films for women like Kahaani, Queen. # Highlight79:Not a fan of remakes, I think originals should be left untouched: Imran #Highlight80:Session: Living with Legacy Beyond the Famous Last Name #Highlight81:Panelists – Upasna Kamineni, MD – Apollo Life, Ashni Biyani, Director, Future Group, Sushmita Dev, Member of Parliament #Highlight82:Constant comparison can be a problem, but you got to hold your own: Sushmita DevHighlight83:We are inspired and sometimes we get weighed down with legacy: Ashni Biyani #Highlight84:I started as a Mayor, the day I stepped on the green carpet in Parliament was the happiest day of my life: Sushmita # Highlight85:Session: Keep Calm and Carry Stress and the Modern Woman #Highlight86:Speaker: Jaya Row, Founder, Vedanta Vision is on stage #Highlight87:Stress is defined as mental agitation caused by unfulfilled desires: Jaya Row #Highlight88:Be a master of desires and live life as a king: Jaya Row #Highlight89:Rise above desire, object of desire will come to you: Jaya Row #Highlight90:Break free of self imposed limitations: Jaya Row #Highlight91:Session: The Good Fight Surviving the Odds #Highlight92:Speakers: Arunima Sinha, Mountaineer and Laxmi, Acid attack survivor #Highlight93:This acid attack was not just on me, it was on my family: Laxmi #Highlight94:It ruined my life. Sometime back I lost my father and brother also: Laxmi #Highlight95:My leg was amputated without anesthesia: Arunima Sinha #  Highlight96:I had started losing my confidence that’s when I decided to climb Everest: Arunima Sinha # Highlight97:Arunima Sinha, Laxmi get standing ovation at India Today Woman Summit #Highlight98:Session: A World of Change Why Women Need to Speak Up, Be Heard # Highlight99:Speaker: Smriti Irani, Union Human Resource Development Minister #Highlight100:Most challenging has been sitting for an invterview to get my child admitted to a school: Smriti #Highlight101:Big challenge is balance work and home: Smriti #Highlight102:Given the Constitutional responsibility that comes with the Ministry I uphold Constitutional duty: Smriti #Highlight103:I have a dedicated team of officers that trusts the capabity of bureaucrats to deliver: Smriti # Highlight104:Ekta Kapoor has done phenomenal work: Smriti #Highlight105:I joined politics since I wanted to be part of change: Smriti #Highlight106:Narendra Modi is not known to express his feelings openly, but to give his blessing to me in public is overwhelming: Smriti #Highlight108:Through AICTE we are exploring technical education avenues for girls: Smriti #Highlight109:We are working towards affordable and reachable education for girls: Smriti # Highlight110:I am not defined only by my relationship: Smriti # Highlight111:I led life on my own terms is what defines me: Smriti #Highlight112:Session: Stardom on my own terms – Limelight and a life too #Highlight113:Speaker: Tabu #Highlight114:People call me recluse, but recluse don’t do films: Tabu #Highlight115:I don’t miss not being in front of camera: Tabu #Highlight116:Salman is family to me, I enjoy working with him: Tabu #Highlight117:Session: A New Identity – Grit, Glamour, Guts #Highlight118:Speakers: Kirron Kher and Khushbu Sundar #Highlight119:Someone tried to step on my self-respect that’s what triggered me to leave politics: Khushbu #Highlight120:Session: Size Doesn’t Matter Talent Does #Highlight121:Speaker: Huma Qureshi #Highlight122:No one says big is beautiful and small is ugly, women come in all shapes and sizes: Huma #Highlight123:I make a conscious decision to be healthier: Huma #Highlight124:I wouldn’t mind a man with 8 pack abs: Huma #Highlight125:Important to find balance in life: Huma #Highlight126:India Today Woman Awards 2014 begin#Highlight127:India Today Storyteller: Gitanjali Rao, Filmmaker, animator, illustrator #Highlight128:India Today Woman in Science: J Manjula, Defence Avionics #Highlight129:India Today Woman in Sport: PV Sindhu, Badminton player #Highlight130:India Today Corporate Woman: Roopa Kudwa, MD, Crisil #Highlight131:India Today Woman Innovator: Anusha Yadav, Founder, Indian Memory Project #Highlight132:Inspirational Movie award: Arunima Sinha, Mountaineer #Highlight133:India Today Inspirational Woman Award: Laxmi, Acid attack survivor #Highlight134:India Today Woman of Substance: Tabu #Highlight135:India Today Woman of Style: Shilpa Shetty #Highlight136:India Today Woman – Woman of the year: Manisha Koirala #Highlight137:Dinner Keynote Confession: Actor, Mother, Entrepreneur-One Woman Many Roles #Highlight138:Speaker: Shilpa Shetty #Highlight139:Losing weight is all about lifestyle modifications: Shilpa #Highlight140:I lead a healthy life, I don’t drink: Shilpa #Highlight141:I admit I had a nose job done: Shilpa #Highlight142:I feel fortunate to be endowed with a lot in life: Shilpa #Highlight143:I was just being myself on Big Brother, didn’t understand the gravity of situation while inside: Shilpa #Highlight144:I want to bring up Viaan in the right way: Shilpa #Highlight145:There’s nothing in life that we as women cannot achieve, it’s all about conditioning: Shilpa #Highlight146:I attribute all my success to my mother: Shilpa #Highlight147:Vote of Thanks by Balram Garg, PC Jeweller # advertisementadvertisementadvertisementlast_img read more

India vs Ireland: 2nd T20I Preview- Momentum the key for India as the Irish…

first_imgHere’s the Playing XI for #IREvIND. pic.twitter.com/VGAVUVt8E4— BCCI (@BCCI) June 29, 2018 AdvertisementImage Courtesy: Indian ExpressThe sunny Dublin basks in the spotlight as it gears for the second and final T20I of the series. While India continue their preparation for their next destination, Gary Wilson and co. would hope to dampen India’s spirit with a victory over the Blues.Virat Kohli could not have asked for a better start as the performance in the previous game almost ticked off all the boxes. With Rohit Sharma seemingly getting rid of his demons from the IPL and Shikhar Dhawan continuing his fine form, the skipper has very less to worry when it comes to the opening duo.The Men in Green failed to pose a threat last time around and genuinely struggled against the Indian spinners, who have found their rhythm quickly on the European shores.Key Players:Kuldeep Yadav: The left-arm chinaman bamboozled the Irish batsmen with his leg-breaks and wrong’uns. Expect the spinner to do more of the same.James Shannon: The Ireland opening batsman was the only Irish to offer resistance en route scoring almost half of Ireland’s entire total. With Paul Stirling on the other end, these two are Ireland’s best hope to counter India’s lethal pace attack.Proud moment for young @sidkaul22 as he receives his #TeamIndia cap from @msdhoni.#IREvIND pic.twitter.com/bUNeVnTUgc— BCCI (@BCCI) June 29, 2018 Ireland wins the toss and elects to bowl first against #TeamIndia.#IREvIND pic.twitter.com/BGYbP4xZAI— BCCI (@BCCI) June 29, 2018 Where to watch: Hindi Commentary: Sony Six, English Commentary: Sony Ten 3, Internet Live Stream: Sony Liv.Read Also:Cricket: Suspended Steve Smith makes a spectacular return to competitive cricket in CanadaCricket: Ravichandran Ashwin speaks out on his county stint Advertisementlast_img read more

Northern Ireland’s Michael O’Neill laments cruelty of first-leg penalty

first_imgShare on WhatsApp Northern Ireland World Cup dream over after goalless draw in Switzerland Northern Ireland Topics Share on Twitter Michael O’Neill condemned the “cruelty” of Northern Ireland’s World Cup play-off defeat by Switzerland after they were ultimately denied a place in Russia by the controversial first-leg penalty. The Northern Ireland manager also insisted it was too soon to say whether elimination marked the end of an era for himself and several senior players.Northern Ireland produced a vastly improved performance in Basel but a goalless draw sent Switzerland through to a fourth consecutive World Cup finals thanks to Ricardo Rodríguez’s penalty in Belfast. Rodríguez was also on hand to clear a Jonny Evans header off the line in stoppage time in the second leg, increasing Northern Ireland’s torment. World Cup 2018: complete guide to all 736 players Share via Email Oliver Norwood, the Northern Ireland midfielder, put it succinctly. “Shafted is the only word for it,” he said. “It’s not just the penalty decision as the tackle Fabian Schär made on Stuart Dallas in Belfast was a red card. I will think about the penalty decision for years to come as it’s the only goal between the two sides and it’s knocked us out.”O’Neill’s future with Northern Ireland is open to doubt given his outstanding achievements at international level. Scotland are believed to be keen to lure the Edinburgh-based manager to replace Gordon Strachan, but O’Neill insisted no one connected with Northern Ireland needs to decide their futures in the immediate aftermath of the play-off exit.“I haven’t even considered that,” he said. “I am under contract until 2020 and tonight is about being with my players, spending time with them and making sure they are OK. I said to the players there is no need to make any rash decisions on anything they want to do. They have given everything.“They will make decisions going forward. Certainly the likes of Aaron and Gareth at 38 and 37, and Chris Brunt, these players have had long and established Northern Ireland careers but, for me, they have time to make that decision.“We don’t have a qualifier until next March so there is lot of time for that, and certainly at this moment in time it’s not a decision to be made. I am not thinking any further ahead than just being with the players.” news Read more World Cup World Cup 2018 Share on Facebook “I wasn’t aware it was Rodríguez but the cruelty is in the poorness of the decision that means we are missing out on the chance to go to a World Cup,” a distraught O’Neill said. “That is the cruelty. We should still be playing extra time now, that is the reality. Yes, Switzerland were the better team in the first leg but they didn’t score other than the penalty.“We were the better team tonight. For us to miss out because of that mistake, at this level and with those group of players who’ve given everything, is extremely cruel. We should be out on the pitch now fighting for a place in Russia.”O’Neill revealed several Northern Ireland players were in tears in the dressing room after the game and that, for the likes of 38-year-old Aaron Hughes and 37-year-old Gareth McAuley, their dreams of playing at a World Cup are, in effect, over.The manager said: “My first emotion is absolute devastation. It would have been disappointing if we’d just lost but it is devastating because of the manner of how we lost and the goal that decided the tie. I couldn’t have asked for more from the players. Their level of performance was phenomenal and I told them afterwards it was a privilege to be their manager tonight.“After five and a half years this is clearly a devastating moment but in terms of the character of a team it is also a high point. We went toe to toe with a team that reached the last 16 of the last Euros and the last World Cup and the tie has been decided by a penalty that should never have been. The players are emotional and upset. There were some players in tears afterwards. Everyone was struggling to hold back their emotions. For some of these players it’s unlikely the World Cup will come around again.” Switzerland Read more Share on Pinterest Share on LinkedIn Share on Messenger Reuse this contentlast_img read more