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Kennedy said he was “probably confused” about the information.The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agencyk." she said."I would like to come back again next year and play better" Tai ended Yamaguchi’s hopes of becoming the first Japanese player to win the All-England women’s singles title since Hiroe Yuki more than 40 years ago But two other Japanese players did make All-England history Yuta Watanabe and Arisa Higashino became the first pair from their country ever to win the mixed doubles title It was an even bigger upset because they had been unseeded while the fifth-seeded Chinese pair Zheng Siwei and Huang Yaqiong whom they beat 15-21 22-20 21-16 had been favourites going into the final Evolutionary dispute A Korean creationist group called for deleting discussion of the bird ancestor Archaeopteryx (above) and horse evolution from high school textbooks H Raab/Wikimedia The South Korean government is poised to appoint a new committee that will revisit a controversial plan to drop two examples of evolutionary theory from high school textbooks The committee to be led by insect taxonomist Byoung-Hoon Lee a member of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology has been asked to re-evaluate requests from a Korean creationist group to drop references to bird and horse evolution that they argue promote "atheist materialism" At the same time about 50 prominent Korean scientists are preparing to present government officials with a petition organized by the Korean Association of Biological Sciences which calls for rejecting the proposed changes "When these things are done I think it will turn out that after all Korean science will not surrender to religion so to speak" says Jae Choe an evolutionary biologist at Ewha Womans University in Seoul who helped organize the petition The controversy began in May when Korea’s Ministry of Education Science and Technology announced that revised editions of high school textbooks would leave out discussion of two examples of evolution: the Archaeopteryx an ancient ancestor to birds and ancestors of the modern horse The Society for Textbook Revise (STR) an independent offshoot of the Korea Association for Creation Research had proposed the revisions According to microbiologist Bun-Sam Lim the chief of STR’s Scholarship Committee the organization aims to weed out "atheist materialism" that paints an "unhopeful" worldview for students The Archaeopteryx and horse examples were targeted as "typical icons of evolutionism" Lim said in an e-mail Last month the Korean media picked up the story which was first reported by Nature on 5 June sparking extensive public discussion Some Korean scientists were particularly upset that the Nature story reported that "anti-evolution sentiment seems to be winning its battle with mainstream science" in Korea says Choe who is known as Korea’s Richard Dawkins or E O Wilson (Choe’s former Harvard University adviser) "The Nature article was good in one sense but in another it was quite humiliating to Korean scientists" says Choe "We didn’t surrender We’re not really that frail" Choe says he also received more than 60 e-mails from high school and elementary school students around the country "They ask me: ‘What’s going on and why aren’t you responding to this’ " he says Soon Choe and other researchers began organizing the petition against the textbook changes Prior to the Nature article many scientists did not want to "participate in that muddy debate" over the teaching of evolution says Dayk Jang an evolutionary scientist at Seoul National University who also helped organize the petition Choe for example hadn’t wanted to debate with creationists because he worried that "responding to them somehow legitimizes their actions" On 24 June the controversy prompted the education ministry to announce that it would seek "expert opinions" on the issue from the Korean academy and the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies before finalizing the revisions It asked Lee to lead the effort Now "I think we have room to fix the situation" Jang says He believes that scientists may even be able to persuade officials to replace the Archaeopteryx and horse examples with more compelling examples of evolution and rework textbooks to be more engaging for students "We’ve been making good progress" Choe adds "After all this hoopla it looks as if South Korea will not ‘surrender’ to creationist demands" The STR’s Lim meanwhile says the group won’t end its efforts to remove other evolution examples from Korean textbooks "one by one" But that could be difficult notes Choe Government regulations mandate that all Korean science textbooks include a section on evolutionary theory with a discussion of the fossil record STR sidestepped those rules by targeting two examples of evolution whose exact mechanisms evolutionary biologists still puzzle over Choe says "Korean newspapers give the impression that the whole discussion of evolution is disappearing" from textbooks Choe says "which is ridiculous but exactly what the STR was aiming at" Every media person’s innermost soul probably revels in the diverse actions of US president Donald Trump right from his tweets to his hairdo After all he provides such greatmaterial wherever he goes However at the recent G7 summit – which is a grouping of the ‘rich kids’ of the world accounting for just 11 percent of the population and some 60 percent of the net global wealth – Trump excelled even his own previous records The images of astounded or furious G7 leaders as Trump reviled nearly all present are a story in themselves The G7 used to be a Group of Eight until Russia was thrown out following its takeover of Crimea Trump rather realistically wants Russia back arguing that its best to face realities and deal with a country that while not an economic superpower inhabits some 11 time zones German chancellor Angela Merkel speaks with US president Donald Trump AP While that was enough to rile the Europeans – particularly the UK – there was more to come The president chose to come lateand left early which made a statement that was beamed over millions of television screens In terms of the G7 Agenda he refused to sign in on the Joint Communiqué and insulted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada by calling him a ‘liar’ But that’s Trump all over – he focuses on what he wantsand discards the diplomatic humbug The G7 Communiqué eventually followed a bit of a Christmas tree approach in that it touched on diverse issues from gender equality – which it will actually implement unlike India – to terrorism and the North Korean issue among others The real grouse was apparent in the very first paragraph which called for a "rules-based international trading system" – which is a jibe against the US and for a series of actions including limitations on steel and aluminium excess production "Debt sustainability" and transparency which is a poke in the ribs against China The Climate Change paragraph notably left out the United States which has washed its hands off the issue and a tirade against Russia (clearly a paragraph straight from 10 Downing Street) all of which showed clearly that the G7 has become more of a quarrelsome bunch of suits than a set of responsible economic leaders Statistics do support Trump to an extent Europe does have a trade imbalance with the US but nowhere near the $151 billion as the ebullient president claims TheNew York Times for instance points out that if services are included this falls to about $101 billion To add to the ‘toing and froing’ of allegations 29 European Union Ambassadors put their signatures on to aletterwhere they pointed out that "Simply put the EU invests more in the United States buys more American services and employs more American workers than the other way around. As a ready comparison: 45 of 50 US states export more to the EU than they do to China And what of China’s foreign direct investment into the United States It’s around one-hundredth that of Europe’s" That’s really telling off the US president What does all this sound and fury mean for India For one Trump’s tirade against what could arguably be called the strongest allies of the United States signifies his determination to use tariff barriers to the hilt and get his pound of flesh and never mind the figures that anyone cites As the president himself pointed out he was not singling out any particular country He had every intention of getting India to lower its own trade barriers That’s likely to send a frisson down the spines of the concerned ministries in New Delhi Second while it is tempting to see the whole brouhaha as an opportunity for the next informal meeting between Chinese president Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi the facts are that the trade war between Washington and Beijing may not necessarily be to India’s benefit For instance both China and India are among the top aluminum producers which could spark competition not compatibility India’s business managers and the government need to sit together to figure out how India can work the markets to benefit both even while reducing our trade deficit with China That’s a tall order by any estimation Third the fact that the Dow Jones index actually climbed after the summit indicates that US power play is still what drives the global financial system French president Emmanuel Macron can threaten to change the G7 to the Group of Six but that’s a non-starter at a time of Brexit in particular The trade index revival is also an indicator that while the various sides may brawl in public they’re still likely to pull along enough to sustain their citizens’ subsidies and benefits Fourth the comparison to the apparent amity of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit was inevitable as well as the prognostications of a shift of power from the G7 to Asia But this is only partly true If the prophets of money are right the highest growth of 30 percent from China and 10 percent from India will put Asia Pacific countries in a higher position than Europe or the United States in terms of total share of GDP But here’s the thing Barring Italy the rest of the G7 together still make up the most powerful militaries in the world When it comes to issues of security and access to resources the G7 will stick together The rumpus at Charlevoix is temporary Only interests are permanentCassidy Stay adding that where necessary. all our family.

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