The best headphones that still work on your iPhone 7

first_imgThe iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are coming September 16, but you can accept the pointless death of the headphone jack right now with these quality Lightning and Bluetooth wireless headphones. Or leave your name in the comments below for my petition to President Obama to make iPhones without headphones jacks a federal crime. I bet the FBI would just love to go after Apple again.At least we’re getting an iOS Mario game… and a gritty Wizard of Oz RPG. Apple EarPods1/7 The next generation of EarPods use the Lightning connection, since that’s what the port was built for all along, of course. These upgraded EarPods come packed in with every iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It doesn’t appear you’ll be able to charge your iPhone while these are plugged in, so good thing the iPhone 7 has a slightly better battery life.<><> I don’t dislike Apple. I prefer PCs to Macs, but I’ve been a proud iPhone and iPad owner for years. Covering iPhone games was my main beat as a games journalist back in the day, and iOS provides pretty much everything I want from a mobile operating system.However, after watching the iPhone 7 announcement I’m so glad I already upgraded to an iPhone SE, and not just because it’s the only properly sized iPhone left. The improved cameras, force feedback, and home button all sound pretty neat. But I just can’t get over the lack of a headphone jack. We had months to prepare for Apple’s oh-so courageous decision to sell you another adapter dongle, but I still feel like preventing users from using the standard headphones that work across countless other consumer electronics is a hostile, spiteful, and arguably insulting move.We’re not talking about disc drives or VGA ports or proprietary 30-pin connectors. These. Are. Headphones. Learn more about the iPhone 7’s design in Apple’s latest defensive press conference. That port was just taking up too much space. Sorry, any businesses that use Square card readers.But if the iPhone 7 is just too alluring, or you honestly don’t care about the phased-out functionality, here are some of the best Lightning and Bluetooth wireless headphones that will work with Apple’s upcoming smartphone. Lightning and wireless headphones do offer their own advantages in terms of sound quality and convenience. Not enough to make up for rendering all other headphones obsolete, but hey, let’s focus on the good things.last_img

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