Nintendo 3DS region locking can be bypassed with a flashcard

first_imgOne of the more infuriating features Nintendo decided to include with the 3DS is game region locking. It means that if a game you want to play isn’t released in your territory, as is always going to be the case, you won’t be able to play it unless you purchase a 3DS from the same region. However, that may be a problem of the past now, as a workaround has been created in the form of a software patch.The patch does not allow for pirated games to be played, it just removes the region locking from your 3DS. However, there are some prerequisites. You will require a compatible DS or 3DS flashcard with which to apply the patch, and the update will only work on 3DS hardware using v4.5 firmware or older. If you have a more recent version then this patch isn’t for you.Once you’ve downloaded the Gateway Retail Region Free Patch and installed it via a flashcard, your 3DS will be region free. As an added bonus, you can then continue to update the firmware to the latest versions and it will remain region free. The only issue you may face is playing games online, where Nintendo could use additional checks that stop you playing.The biggest blocker to this region free fix is the fact many 3DS handhelds will have been updated to firmware later than v4.5 already. If someone figures out how to revert back to earlier firmware versions, then this patch will certainly become very popular.Nobody likes games to be region locked and it’s not something Nintendo used to include on their handhelds. It’s especially frustrating when Nintendo or 3rd party publishers decide not to release games in certain territories, hence why someone has been working to figure out a way around it.last_img

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