Man Arrested for Selling Modded Super NES Classic With 5 Extra Games

first_imgStay on target ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Was Final Mission From Late Nintendo President‘Ring Fit Adventure’ Is a Nintendo Switch Exercise RPG Modding a gaming console has always carried certain risks. Generally speaking, they’re limited to, say, bricking your system or getting banned from online play.Take things too far, however, and the authorities could come knocking on your door. One hardware hacker in Japan has learned that lesson the hard way.This particular fellow didn’t stop at just modding a system for personal use. He ran afoul of the law by posting jailbroken Super Famicom Mini consoles for sale online.He also brazenly shipped them with unofficial ROMs pre-loaded. Between March and April of this year, the man sold just three modified Super Famicom Minis. It’s alleged that he made a whopping $540 from the sales, according to SoraNews 24.Knowing that the guy got arrested, you might assume that he crammed the systems full of additional games. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Each console had five — count ’em, five — extra ROMs installed.This “crime spree” appears to have been fairly tame, but criminal charges for this sort of thing aren’t all that uncommon in Japan. Nintendo has also started taking a more aggressive approach to ROM distributors recently.Just a few months ago the company filed a $100 million lawsuit against LoveROM and LoveRETRO for trademark infringement and piracy.That suit and the prosecution of a small-time modder in Japan don’t necessarily mean you’re in big trouble if you decide to tinker with a Classic Mini.No, your problems will likely be limited to these two comparatively minor bummers. One is that you could brick your system if something goes awry and then you’re stuck shelling out more money for a new system. The other is that Nintendo could spot your modded system and ban it from online play.Nintendo’s done it before. The company whipped out the banhammer on 3DS modders back in 2016, and they’ve been going after Switch modders, too.More on Remotely Wipes iPhone While It Sits in Police EvidenceGuy’s $650 World Series Ticket Stolen by Scammer Through Instagram PhotoCouple, Homeless Vet Allegedly Made Up Story to Scam GoFundMe Donationslast_img

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