Saudi Delegation Visits Moroccos Samir Refinery

Rabat – A Saudi Delegation has visited the Samir oil refinery in Mohammedia as part of Saudi Aramco’s interest in acquiring the Moroccan firm and expanding into African and European markets. The Saudi delegation comprising officials and investors in the oil sector made the visit to the Refinery to explore its eight new industrial units, which include Hydrocracker Oil to Gasoline Conversion Unit, and Liquid Sulfur Unit.The visit reflects Aramco’s interest in acquiring Samir Refinery and turning it into a hub to refine oil and market its derivatives in the African and European markets.The Saudi delegation assessed the outstanding technical condition of the industrial units at the firm, which has not operated for two years but is still maintained. Officials at the Moroccan firm confirmed that their Saudi counterpart showed interest in turning the refinery into a hub to strengthen its market share in Africa and Europe. Najib Rami, general secretary of the union’s trade union office told local press that the Moroccan firm would be a great asset for Aramco, as it represents one of the most advanced refineries in the Mediterranean region and the African continent.“We at SAMIR are looking forward to the arrival of the new investor to resume petroleum refining activities and to start supplying the Moroccan market with gasoline, gas, and lubricants,” the same official added.Rami pointed out that the Moroccan refinery could be transformed into a regional platform due to its technical capabilities, strategic location in the African market and proximity Europe. He explained that the workers are aware of the responsibility that awaits them and confirmed that are ready to resume activity. read more