Fishmongers Father My Sons Death Shouldnt Be Used to Cause Instability

Rabat – The father of the fishmonger who died after being crushed in a garbage truck compactor says that the death of his son is “a hideous crime,” but should not “cause instability in Morocco.”Amid the social media uproar Morocco following the tragic death of Mouhcine Fikri, the father of the victim made a statement calling on Moroccans to seek peaceful and efficient solutions.The statement came in an interview with the Arabic-language news source, Hespress, in front of the victim’s house in the city of Imzouren, 20 km away from Houceima where Mouhcine died. The father, Ali Fikri, stated that high-ranking officials guaranteed that those responsible for the incident will “be brought and get their punishment.”Ali Fikri also expressed worry that an innocent person might be punished by mistake, adding that the authorities have promised thorough investigations into the circumstances of his son’s death.According to the same source, the father clarified that contrary to what news sources claim, the fish was not thrown in the garbage truck but remained in the fishmonger’s truck. His son climbed the back of the garbage truck to protest the decision to confiscate the merchandise.Commenting on the protests in Morocco’s major cities following the incident, the father of Mohcine said the protests should not turn violent and spiral out of control.“I don’t want my son to be the cause of upheavals in Morocco, especially at this specific time,” adding that neither his son, nor Moroccans “want uprisings in the country.”Edited by Patrick Shaffer read more