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first_imgRe “Bush fires back at anti-war foes” (Nov. 12): Some Republicans want to have us believe that the White House’s manipulation of facts as they built their case for war was not “technically” lying. So “technically” it’s a matter of linguistics then? Is that what they want us to believe? Call it what you want, but don’t the American people deserve better than to be misled with verbal gymnastics, clever phrasing and full media manipulation of the truth? Yes, it may not “technically” be called lying, but it sure as heck sounds like what in business is “technically” known as “false advertising.” Joe Furey Valley Village Just and necessary? Re “Bush fires back at anti-war foes” (Nov. 12): President Bush seems to think that this war in Iraq is such a noble cause and it’s necessary to rebuild Iraq and protect us against terrorism. He feels that the deaths of more than 2,000 of our sons and daughters is a necessary and just cause for protecting us from the terrorists that attacked us in 2001. And we need to rebuild Iraq and bring democracy to them. As you read in the paper, there are suicide bombings every day all over the world, even though our children are over in Iraq “protecting” this country and trying to infuse democracy into that country … shades of Vietnam and the fall of Saigon in 1975. My question is this: If he believes so much in this war, why does he not encourage his daughters to join the military and be deployed to Iraq? Mary Delongfield Newhall It’s about time Re “Bush fires back at anti-war foes” (Nov. 12): President Bush has suffered a great deal of damage inflicted upon him by the fanatics of the left, especially by the Democratic ideologues in the Congress. Their daily outbursts of distortion, omission and outright lies regarding Operation Iraqi Freedom is only giving aid and comfort to the terrorists we are fighting. President Bush finally said the false charges of these irresponsible politicians only serve to weaken America’s will to win, to demoralize our troops and to provide assistance to the terrorists. I only hope President Bush will continue to correct the constant distortions of these radical and irresponsible politicians. Tony Pasano Northridge Jabbering Pat Re “Robertson says town voted against God” (Nov. 12): So Pat Robertson thinks God will no longer help the good voters of Dover, Pa., because they ousted the school board members who supported the sham “science” of so-called intelligent design? I love it. The more Robertson shoots his mouth off, the more people will see him as the lunatic religious fringe wacko that he is. So please, Pat: Keep on jabbering. Michael D. Harris Reseda Far more dangerous Re “Robertson says town voted against God” (Nov. 12): Who cares about the rants of Pat Robertson? He can safely be ignored. Far more dangerous is a president who believes that God ratifies the validity of his fantasies and makes policy accordingly. Normally we relegate people who act on messages from God to the loony bin. Ernst F. Ghermann Winnetka No force-feeding Re “Arnold’s wipeout” (Viewpoint, Nov. 13): I believe Jill Stewart missed the point regarding the rejection of last week’s propositions, especially Proposition 77. I suspect that most people would agree with her that the current way redistricting is done should be corrected. A “special” election was not the time or place to address that issue. There will be ample opportunity to revisit this question in June or November of 2006. At that time, when seats and jobs are really on the line, let’s see how the governor, congressmen, etc., campaign on reform issues. Regardless of what people think of California, we are just like the rest of voting folks in these United States. You cannot force-feed us, either. That is the point. Rodney K. Boswell Thousand Oaks Most spend more Re “Just wait” (Your Opinions, Nov.13): A point is made about households not spending more than they bring in. Unfortunately, most people I know spend more than they bring in using credit cards. Some pile on the debt, then use credit counseling to keep living the dream. There are lots of people who don’t handle money any better than government. It’s also amazing that people don’t really want to see where their tax money is going. If we didn’t get payroll taxed and got a yearly detailed tax bill, maybe people would pay attention to how much money the government spends. Gary Anenberg Simi Valley Paper on the porch It was recently reported that circulation for major newspapers is down by 2.6 percent. What a shame. Many people are now going to the Internet for their quick-read of the news. In our home, we spend enough time on the computer for personal business, e-mails and gaming. We would much rather read a newspaper over the breakfast table, or cozied up on the couch. Here is a “thank you” to the Daily News for letting us find your paper on our front porch each morning. Reading the newspaper at home each day is one of life’s simple pleasures, and we will continue to do so. Lee and Rusty Willoughby Santa Clarita Waste strategy Re “Investment or ruse?” (Editorial, Nov. 8): In June of 2005, I introduced RENEW LA, which stands for: Recovering Energy, Natural Resources and Economic Benefit from Waste for Los Angeles. Far more than a “get out of Sunshine Canyon plan,” it is a 20-year blueprint to end the need for landfilling in the city of Los Angeles, while creating a new environmental-industrial sector to generate renewable green energy, alternative fuels and other useful products from our trash. RENEW LA and the URS project are not studies that will languish on the shelves of City Hall with no tangible results. They are part of a multipronged strategy to ensure the resource management future of Los Angeles, so that landfilling at Sunshine Canyon, or anywhere else, is no longer part of the city’s waste management portfolio. Greig Smith Los Angeles city councilman Front-page reaction Regarding your front page of Oct. 2, (2,000 deaths in Iraq), I had two immediate reactions – I felt deep sorrow for all those lost lives and for their families, and secondly, I was angry at the Daily News for stating that they died for “freedom.” My husband was in the Navy, stationed at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, when it was bombed. There was no choice; America was forced to fight and the patriotism was real and strong compared with the division we have today in this country and being involved in a situation that we never should have been in. Marjorie Britt San Fernando Nothing guaranteed Re “His own standard” (Your Opinions, Nov. 8): I guess Tina Gerald has forgotten that no one is guaranteed a job – not Arnold Schwarzenegger, not James Hahn, not even Gray Davis. Max Duran Acton Torture discussion What has our nation become? In our Capitol, our leaders debate “torture” … if, who, when, where, how, etc. to torture. That this is a topic on our national agenda is a disgrace. To contemplate such acts are disgusting – it shames us all. Ed Rosas La Cañada Flintridge It hurts, but works Are cameras an effective deterrent against running red lights? I can say, yes! I was photographed in all my splendor as I was running a red light and after paying more than three hundred bucks (and one Saturday listening to a lecture about it) I am now very, very attentive when I approach a yellow blinking light. Dante F. 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